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Best Bookmakers In United Arab Emirates 2024


Discover the best sports betting sites for readers in the United Arab Emirates. We understand your passion for betting on the Emirati sports scene.

Our guide includes how to stay safe when gambling in the United Arab Emirates and the available sports.

Join us in the exciting world of sports betting in the United Arab Emirates to stay updated.

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Numa Jabara
Numa Jabara
Fact checked by Ehsan Gamal
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Best Betting Sites in United Arab Emirates in 2024

The United Arab Emirates has a rich history in sports, including football and various other sports. Equestrianism is an important part of the Emirati heritage, serving as a means of competition and entertainment since ancient times, and it was not limited to Bedouins but was part of everyone's life. Over the years, interest in sports among Emiratis has grown significantly, and the country has become a focal point for the world in several sports, including football.

The UAE Football Association was founded in 1971, and since then, sports in the country has seen continuous development. The Emirati league currently features a group of distinguished stars, making it one of the prominent leagues in the region. Local and international players compete in the Emirati league, enhancing its status as a prestigious sports destination.

I personally have heard a lot about Al Ain Football Club, founded in 1968, which has a rich history and a large fan base, making it the most popular within the United Arab Emirates.

How We Rate Online Bookmakers In United Arab Emirates?

We provide reviews and evaluations of the best betting sites in the United Arab Emirates. We aim to present the best sites for players after reviewing a range of important criteria that the betting world relies on. Among the key aspects we review are:

  1. Licensed and Regulated sites 

  2. Range of Sports

  3. User ratings

  4. Withdrawal and deposit methods

  5. Welcome bonuses

  6. Customer support and language

1. Licensed and Regulated sites 

The United Arab Emirates follows the Islamic Sharia approach and therefore does not allow its citizens to gamble on sports within the country. However, many betting sites without deposits in the United Arab Emirates accept bets and participation from Emirati players. But where do these sites get the important and necessary licenses from?

There are specialized committees that grant online betting sites the necessary licenses to provide such services for games around the world. We make sure that the financial betting sites we provide to you on this site are fully licensed and accredited, ensuring that these sites contract with global betting platform providers, guaranteeing the complete fairness and integrity of bets.

In addition, sites seeking these licenses must complete other procedures, such as opening separate accounts for their profits from player deposits, as well as opening compensatory accounts from which players can receive compensation in case of intentional site negligence that leads to player loss.

2. Range of Sports

We are interested in reviewing all betting sites without deposits in the United Arab Emirates for the favorite games of Emirati citizens. We pay special attention to football at all levels, in addition to other options and sports such as equestrianism, athletics, horse racing, and camel racing.

Betting sites in Dubai offer a variety of opportunities for betting on sports, attracting sports enthusiasts and bettors. The available sports for betting are diverse and include a wide range of local and international sports, including:

  1. Football

  2. Cricket

  3. Formula One

  4. Tennis

  5. Camel Racing



Formula One


Camel Racing

3. Reputation and Trustworthiness

The reputation of betting platforms goes a long way in determining whether we recommend it to betters in United Arab Emirates. We only select betting platforms that have verifiable gambling licenses from iGaming regulation authorities. A license serves as a guarantee that a casino is reliable.

We explore online review platforms like Trustpilot and Reddit to discover what other players have to say about a casino. If we are certain that a betting site has real positive reviews that confirm its trustworthiness, then we can add it to our list of top bookmakers.

4. Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Football betting sites in the United Arab Emirates or global betting sites in the UAE offer a wide range of withdrawal and deposit methods.

For most players, the optimal choice is to use e-wallets such as Skrill or NETELLER. These solutions provide the ability to open a virtual wallet that allows you to hold funds and make transactions on the best betting sites in Dubai or any other betting site easily. This means no need for direct transactions between the bank and the betting sites, making your online activities separate from your banking transactions as much as possible.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are excellent alternatives available on many sports betting sites, providing privacy and hedging. There are also some prepaid cards available in the United Arab Emirates that you can use to fund online gambling sites, and among these cards, paysafecard is the most famous and widespread.

5. Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are the biggest attraction used by football betting sites in the United Arab Emirates or global betting sites in the UAE. There is a wide range of welcome bonuses used, but we will present to you the most important and famous welcome bonuses offered by betting sites without deposits in the United Arab Emirates:

· No Deposit Bonuses

Betting sites in the United Arab Emirates offer players the opportunity to get a no deposit bonus! These sites aim to attract new players to register and get accounts through these sites.

Players visit an online betting site in the United Arab Emirates and request registration for an account, and using only an email, players can get an account. After completing the email verification process, the player's account is activated.

The player receives a no deposit bonus - although it is usually only a few dollars - but it is enough to explore the site in general and try placing a bet or two on the player's favorite games.

It is worth noting that betting sites without deposits in the United Arab Emirates do not allow players to withdraw the deposit bonus, or even any profits obtained by the player using that bonus.

· Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are the largest and most popular type of bonuses offered by football betting sites in the United Arab Emirates or global betting sites in the UAE. Welcome deposit bonuses are bonuses given to players to encourage them to deposit their money through online betting sites.

The welcome deposit bonus has a format that may vary from site to site, but generally, these sites link the percentage of the bonus received by the player to the deposited amount.

Some online betting sites in the United Arab Emirates allow players to get 150% of their deposit amount, for example. In this case, the player will receive $150 if they deposit only $100.

In my experience, these sites usually impose a maximum limit on the bonus that I can receive. This means that if the maximum bonus amount is $200, this will be the best amount that I can receive even if I was to deposit $300.

Before we leave deposit bonuses and move on to the next type, it is worth noting that deposit bonuses come with a set of terms and conditions that must be met in order to receive these bonuses.

One of the most important conditions is the need to deposit amounts equivalent to 50 times the value of the bonus. So, if the player gets a $200 bonus, they must deposit $10,000 in their deposit and bet on some selected games within one week of receiving the bonus!

Some may find these conditions burdensome, however, you can reject accepting such bonuses or accept them if you are sure of your ability to meet all these conditions. If the player cannot meet these conditions, the original bonus amount is deducted, in addition to any profits earned by the player using the bonus.

· VIP Programs

The VIP Club is a privilege granted by football betting sites in the United Arab Emirates or global betting sites in the UAE to high depositors. Here we are talking about deposits of at least $5,000 at a time!

There are some betting sites without deposits in the United Arab Emirates that offer such bonuses without the need to deposit such amounts, but through loyalty points.

Loyalty points are points that the player gets with every dollar they spend on online betting sites. Of course, reaching the required number of points to join the VIP Club requires a long time and depends on the value of the amounts you spent. However, some consider this method better than depositing large amounts of cash.

Either way, members of the VIP Club through football betting sites in the United Arab Emirates or global betting sites in the UAE receive a range of benefits, including material and non-material bonuses on certain public occasions such as New Year's Day and personal occasions like their birthdays as well.

6. Customer Support Services and Language

One of the most important things we review before recommending playing through football betting sites in the United Arab Emirates or global betting sites in the UAE for our players is the customer support service provided by these sites.

Betting sites without deposits in the United Arab Emirates usually provide support services via phone or email, and some even allow live chat with the support team to resolve issues faster.

It is difficult to find a support team in Arabic, however, some online betting sites in the United Arab Emirates provide their basic services in Arabic.

How to Play on the Best Sports Betting Sites in the UAE

Registering on online sports betting sites in the United Arab Emirates is very simple, similar to registering on any other site.

  1. The player visits the sports betting site they want to get an account in,

  2. Then they enter their name and email address

  3. Then a message will be sent to their email to verify ownership of this account,

  4. Once the player clicks on this link, their account is activated directly through the sports betting site.

  5. Some online betting sites in the United Arab Emirates may request some additional information to complete the registration process, such as country of residence, date of birth, and perhaps the payment method used as well.

  6. After completing the registration process, the player can receive welcome bonuses according to what is available on the site and according to the site's system.

Is The Emirati Dirham Accepted On Online Betting Sites?

Online Betting sites do not accept the Emirati Dirham currency. There are several alternative options, including:

  1. British Pound (£)

  2. Euro (€)

  3. US Dollar ($)

I advise Emirati betters to place their bets using digital currencies such as:

  1. Skrill

  2. Neteller

  3. Paypal

  4. Bitcoin

  5. MuchBetter

How to Bet Safely Online in the United Arab Emirates?

If you are interested in trying online betting in the United Arab Emirates, you should exercise caution when using online sports betting sites. We recommend the following to ensure your safety:

1. Use a VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a type of software used to change the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the device used to access the site. Changing this address makes it difficult for the local service provider to track your online activity.

There is a wide range of VPN software available, including free and paid options. Look for the best option for you, as some paid programs allow players to get a short trial period before converting the subscription to paid. You can also use the free browser (TOR), which automatically changes your IP address when visiting any site within it.

Personally, I prefer ExpressVPN because it has a wider range of countries to choose from.

2. Choose the Right Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

As mentioned above, there are a variety of withdrawal methods offered by online sports betting sites in the United Arab Emirates or online betting sites in the United Arab Emirates. Bank transfers will of course require the player to disclose the sender's information or himself as the recipient, as is the case with credit cards or debit cards as well.

Therefore, there are two options that players can use when depositing and withdrawing from online sports betting sites: popular digital wallets like PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill, and digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others.

In the first option, the amount sent is tracked as if it were sent to a digital wallet like PayPal or Skrill, and then you can send the amount from that wallet to your account on the online sports betting site. In the case of digital currencies, it is primarily a decentralized system where the identity of the sender and recipient is kept secret.

3. Gamble responsibly

  1. Set deposit limits to manage your spending and prevent excessive losses.

  2. Use features available on gambling platforms to set alerts and keep track of your gambling time.

  3. Also, consider taking regular breaks to avoid the risk of addiction and maintain a healthy balance between gambling and other aspects of your life.

The top 3 betting sites in the United Arab Emirates for the year 2024

Best Deposit and Withdrawal Methods in Online Betting Sites in Dubai

The available withdrawal and deposit methods in online betting sites in the United Arab Emirates can be divided into 4 main categories:

  1. Bank Transfers:
    Bank transfers are a widely accepted method of withdrawal and deposit globally. However, they are outdated and take longer than any other method on this list to complete withdrawal and deposit transactions. One of the biggest issues that players may face when using this method is disclosing some personal information, in addition to specifying the transfer destination, which is the betting site, potentially leading to legal repercussions.

  2. Credit Cards:
    Undoubtedly, credit cards are one of the best payment methods used across all internet sites. Their usage is easy, and credit card companies usually process payments quickly, typically within one business day. Although credit card companies are better than bank transfers, they also reveal the identity of the transfer destination, which may expose players to legal issues!

  3. Digital Wallets:
    Digital wallets are one of the best payment methods that Saudi players can use for payment and receiving money through online betting sites in the United Arab Emirates. Digital wallets are the fastest money transfer method, as most transactions can be completed instantly through these wallets. Among the most famous wallets that Saudi players can use are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Unlike the other mentioned methods above, digital wallets do not reveal the identity of the sender, as it appears on credit card statements that money has been withdrawn or sent to the issuing company of that digital wallet, providing players with an additional layer of security.

  4. Cryptocurrencies:
    Cryptocurrencies are certainly the safest option, as both the sender and receiver in cryptocurrencies are completely anonymous. However, the volatility experienced by cryptocurrency prices currently due to economic conditions makes them highly risky assets, which may deter some from owning them in the first place. The main cryptocurrency in cryptocurrency markets, Bitcoin, has sharply declined in value even before the start of the Russo-Ukrainian war, losing two-thirds of its value, as well as Ethereum. However, those interested in using cryptocurrencies as a payment option should create an account in one of the cryptocurrency wallets, then buy cryptocurrencies from cryptocurrency markets, and then they can hold those currencies in those wallets, thus allowing them to use them for payment or even withdraw from online sports betting sites in the United Arab Emirates.

Is online betting legal in Dubai?

All forms of gambling are illegal in Dubai. However, residents in Dubai can still safely bet online by following some guidelines: Joining the best licensed sports betting site abroad, and using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect your identity.

Can I bet online safely in Dubai?

Certainly, there are simple steps you can follow to bet safely online on betting sites in the United Arab Emirates. By choosing our recommended and trusted sites, using a VPN, and selecting secure payment methods, you can enjoy betting on your favorite sports with confidence and security.

How can I deposit money in UAE dirhams?

Most online betting sites allow their players to deposit using all currencies. However, the main account currency thereafter should be either US dollars or euros, with some sites allowing deposits in British pounds.

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