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Online Keno Casinos for Arab Players 2024

Keno is popular in physical and online casinos because it is a simple game with straightforward rules where players do not need to learn complicated strategies before winning significant amounts in Keno.

Online gambling enthusiasts in Arab countries find it difficult to play Keno at online casino sites due to online gambling regulations by the authorities.

Players in Arab countries can still play Keno by protecting themselves with a VPN and visiting reliable foreign online casinos.

Our guide to online Keno in Arabic countries will shed light on the best ways for players to enjoy the game online.

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What Is the Best Online Keno Site [YEAR] ?

The best Online Keno sites are:

  • YYY Casino

  • Galactic Wins Casino

  • JackpotCity Casino

  • BC.Game

  • Betwinner

  • Stake Casino

  • Shangri La Casino

  • 888 Casino

  • MrPlay Casino.

When you take a close look at the best online Keno sites, you’ll notice that they have some features in common that boost their overall rating. These features include a valid license, fairness compliance, top site security, a proper VIP program, and quick payments.

Other features of the best Keno online casinos include reliable customer support, rewarding bonuses and promotions, a mobile app, and diverse variations of Keno.

How We Rate And Review Online Keno Sites

We rate and review online Keno sites by examining some vital features like site security, gambling license, and the fairness of games. The importance of each factor is explained below.

  • Validate the site’s gambling license:
    The most important feature of an online Keno site is its license. We prioritize Keno sites that have a valid license from a well-known gambling body.

  • Evaluate the site’s security:
    The second most notable feature of a trustworthy Keno site is a highly secure website. Our reviewed Keno sites have security features like SSL encryption for data protection.

  • Confirm the games’ fairness:
    We highly rate Keno sites that use Random Number Generators to determine game outcomes, ensuring fairness for players. We consider the fairness of games to be nearly as vital as licensing and security.

  • Read player reviews:
    Our team reads through public reviews of Keno sites on review sites like Trustpilot and we use these reviews to evaluate a casino’s quality. We consider public reviews to be important.

Free vs Real Money Online Keno Games

You do not always have to spend money when playing online Keno. You can decide to play the game for free at casinos that offer demo game versions.

Free Keno Pros and Cons

You can learn Keno rules for freeYou cannot access bonuses or loyalty perk
Players can test unique variants without riskNot all casino games are available for free
Free Keno lets you gain experience easilyFree games have time limits
You do not need payment methods

To play free Keno, simply visit the casino’s site and start playing demo games. There’s usually no need for registration or processing payments.

Real Money Keno Pros and Cons

You can win real moneyYou can lose real money
Players enjoy bonuses and loyalty offersReal money gambling can cause addiction
Real money Keno is more exciting
You can play without time or game limits

Before you can play real money Keno, you need to create an account with the casino and deposit funds with your preferred payment method.

Best Online Keno Bonuses and Promotions

The best online Keno bonuses and promotions are Deposit Bonuses, No-Deposit Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, and VIP/Loyalty Programs. These popular bonuses make it easier for new and existing players to maximize their chances as games are handled by Keno runners.

A deposit bonus is usually part of a welcome package that online casinos give to new players as a reward for joining the site. A deposit bonus gives players free money as a matched percentage of their deposit amount.

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A no-deposit bonus is free cash that a casino gives players without the need to make a deposit. Players can use no-deposit bonus cash to play and win casino games and then withdraw the winnings after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

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A reload bonus is a deposit bonus for existing customers. With a reload bonus, players get free money worth a percentage of their deposit amount.

Keno players can get a rebate offer as a form of a bad luck bonus. A rebate offer refunds a percentage of a player’s lost wagers during a losing streak.

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Loyalty scheme VIP casinos offer awesome perks and benefits to high-stakes players for playing big. VIP membership means that players enjoy free gifts, dedicated account managers, and exclusive bonuses.

4 examples of casino VIP programs are :Stake Casino VIP Club (VIP benefits include rakeback, level-up bonus, weekly bonus, and monthly bonus, 20Bet Casino VIP Program (VIP rewards include priority customer support, free spins, and cash rewards of up to €100,000 at the highest level), Shangri La VIP Club (some benefits are VIP tournaments, dedicated VIP managers, and faster payouts), and Nomini VIP Program (VIP members at Nomini Casino enjoy increased withdrawal limits, a personal account manager, and cashback of up to 15%.)

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Keno Variations

3 notable Keno variations are:

  1. Power Keno

  2. Progressive Keno, and

  3. Chinese Keno.

Each Keno variant has unique features that we will talk about below.

Power Keno

Sometimes called Super Keno, Power Keno is one of the most popular Keno variants and it has similar rules as regular Keno. The main difference is that in Power Keno if the 20th ball matches your Keno number pick, your winnings get a 4x multiplier.

Progressive Keno

In Progressive Keno, a portion of every player’s bet goes into an ever-growing jackpot until someone hits the jackpot, which is usually a very large amount. The higher you bet, the higher your chances of winning, making Progressive Keno ideal for high-rollers.

Keno Tournaments

In Keno tournaments, players compete against each other to win the most points within a given time frame. One of the common terms and conditions of Keno tournaments is that players do not win actual money during games. Rather, they win points that place them on a leaderboard.

At the end of the tournament period, the top players on the leaderboard will receive their share of the prize pool. The rules of Keno tournaments dictate that players start each tournament with the same amount of money and have a fixed playing time during the tournament.

Other Online Keno Variants

Apart from the variants listed above, other Online Keno Variants are Chinese Keno, Keno Roulette, Caveman Keno, and Golden Bonanza Keno. In each of these Keno variants, there are different features, layouts, and rules regarding bets and payouts.

Is it Safe to Play Online Keno?

You can be safe when playing online Keno by using secure VPNs and payment methods. These precautions are necessary because of the legal restrictions surrounding gambling in Arab countries.

Legal Aspects of Online Keno in Arabic Countries

Gambling is frowned upon by the government in Arabic countries due to Islamic law which declares that all forms of gambling are sinful. As a result, casino games, including online Keno is prohibited in Gulf countries.


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an internet security tool that can make it easier for Arab players to gamble online safely. A VPN gives your device a new IP address and encrypts your internet traffic, making it easy to hide from the authorities in Arab countries.

Secure Payment Methods

Secure payment methods enable players to transact with an online casino without being detected by the authorities. The most secure payment methods for Arab players in order of anonymity are:

Bank transfers and bank cards like MasterCard and VISA are not anonymous since the government can trace gambling transactions easily.

How To Win At Online Keno

You can win at online Keno by using a VPN, selecting games with higher RTPs, and using reliable payments. Proper bankroll management plays a vital role in maintaining a winning strategy.

Ensure that you always engage in responsible gambling practices such as pre-set betting limits to minimise loss and avoid addiction.

Keno Terminology

If you are new to Keno, learn the terms that are commonly used to dictate gameplay. Examples of popular Keno terminologies are explained below.

  • Bank:
    The amount of money available to win from the casino.

  • Edge Ticket:
    A ticket that contains the 32 numbers at the edge of the Keno ticket.

  • Catch:
    Hitting a number that you selected before a draw.

  • Hit:

A number on a player’s ticket that matches the house’s draw.

  • Call:
    Announcing the Keno ball numbers as they are drawn.

  • All or Nothing:
    A bet type that pays out if the player hits all their selected numbers or none of their selected numbers.

  • Spot:
    A number that a player selects before a draw.

  • Draw:
    A set of 20 numbers that the casino selects randomly.

  • Balls:
    The balls that the casino draws randomly. They are numbered 1-80.

  • Rate:
    The cost of each Keno ticket.

  • High Roller Ticket:
    A ticket that has an expensive cost (Rate).

  • Handle:
    The amount of money that the casino has earned from Keno.

  • Close:
    The moment just before a draw when the casino stops taking wagers.

  • Pay Table:
    A table showing the payouts for all possible wins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play online Keno in Tunisia?

Yes, you can play online Keno in Tunisia by visiting a legitimate online casino site that accepts Tunisian players.

What are the best sites for online Keno?

Some of the best sites for online Keno are YYY Casino, JackpotCity Casino, BC.Game, and Betwinner Casino.

What Keno sites allow VPN?

Most Keno sites allow players to use VPN, including sites like Stake Casino, 888 Casino, and Galactic Wins Casino.

Can you trust online Keno?

Yes, you can trust online Keno if you play at a secure casino site with a gambling license.

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