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Numa Jabara

Main writer for Habibibet

Who is Numa Jabara?

Numa has been involved in the iGaming industry for over 5 years. With his unique view on the industry, he provides in-depth casino reviews and the latest iGaming news from a fresh perspective.

What makes Numa an expert?

Numa has over 5 years of experience in iGaming and has built an extensive network of like minded professionals in the industry. He is a big fan of knowledge sharing and exchanging opinions, making him not only an expert in gaming but also a mentor to all who share his passion. Find out more about his recent career and education below.



  • Main writer - June 2023 - Present

Qatar Casino

  • Content Coordination Supervisor - April 2022 - May 2023

  • Staff Copywriter - April 2019 - March 2021

  • Freelance writer - February 2018 - March 2019

Qatar Chronicle

  • Junior Assistant to Editor in Chief (intern) - February 2014 - January 2015


Numa holds both a bachelor and master degree from top Qatar universities. He’s strengthened his writing and journalism skills in his literature studies but has developed a good commercial eye from his BA in management and marketing, making him a valuable asset to our team.

Doha Institute of Graduate Studies - Comparative Literature

Qatar University - Management and Marketing

What is Numa’s area of expertise?

As you can see from Numa’s education history, he holds a degree in literature that he obtained after working for the Qatar Chronicle, which sadly stopped operating. However, this changed his course in life and got him into the iGaming industry. He was able to combine his commercial prowess with his love for literature and eventually ended up at Habibibet.

Over the past year he has written many articles on multiple gambling related topics, let’s dive into his areas of expertise.

Sports betting

Numa often talks about how excited he is for the next game of The Maroons (the Qatar National Football Team). He doesn’t only enjoy writing about his favorite soccer club, he’s also passionate about teaching you how to place a smart bet and get the most out of your betting experience. He’s still proud of his latest bet on the soccer game between Qatar and Kuwait, let him teach you how to get better at betting!

Casino reviews

Casino reviews encompass multiple areas of expertise such as casino bonuses, software providers, payment methods and special casinos such as crypto casinos. Numa has written almost every casino review on Habibibet and is an absolute expert when it comes to Arabic casinos.

Market regulation

Navigating the diverse gambling laws in Arabic countries can be extremely challenging. Numa’s expertise will guide you along the way so you can anticipate the unique challenges and opportunities in these regions. Even though Numa is native to Qatar, he’s spent more than 100+ hours researching other Arabic markets - making him our go-to when it comes to gambling legislation in the Middle-East and North-Africa.

What is it like to work with Numa?

Numa is a well-loved team member and perceived as an outgoing and extroverted guy. We asked another Habibibet team member, Ehsan Gamal, on what he thinks about his fellow co-worker.

From Ehsans perspective:
Numa was the first person I got to work with on Habibibet and working with him has been such a pleasure. He’s got so much knowledge in terms of writing, but he is also one of the most creative men I know! It makes my job as main editor so much easier, so thanks for that Numa! He’s the first person I go to for advice and he never lets me down with his wisdom and wit. All in all, Numa is a great asset to our team and I’m glad I get to work with him."

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Find out more about Ehsan Gamal

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Q&A with Numa

How did you get into writing for the iGaming industry?

Before I got my masters degree in Comparative Literature, I worked for a very short time for the Qatar Chronicle. I always had a passion for writing, but this really blossomed when I was working at the newspaper as an intern. After my year as assistant editor I enrolled into the literature course and once I graduated I was looking for a fun job. One of my friends knew someone within Qatar Casino, which is where I started my iGaming career.

I did some freelance writing at the beginning but was soon given a full-time position. As I grew I felt the need to broaden my horizons, which is exactly how I ended up at Habibibet. The rest is history! 

What are your personal favorite 3 casinos?

I think Luckydreams is very good at captivating their audience with an amazing user experience and an extensive game library, you’ll never find me bored there. 

My second favorite would be Cloudbet. This is an innovative crypto casino. I can imagine that crypto casinos aren’t accessible for everyone, but if this is something you’re interested in - then definitely give Cloudbet a try.

Lastly, 10Bet is a strong choice for any fan of sports betting. Will you be placing a bet on the Maroons just like me? Personally, I think 10Bet offers the most competitive odds, which is exactly what you should be looking out for when placing a bet!

What’s the first thing you check at an online casino?

Other player reviews! This gives me so much information about a casino. Obviously, keep in mind that people are more likely to write negative reviews. I think it’s a good way to spot recurring problems. If you see a complaint many times from different players, I can bet that it’s a serious problem and the casino isn’t addressing it properly!

What are your future plans for Habibibet?

I’m very excited for the future of Habibibet. Our team is growing and so is the site. My priorities right now are making sure our content is up-to-date and we write about topics that interest and inform all our readers.

How do you stay up-to-date in this industry?

The iGaming industry is a fast-moving place, I stay up-to-date by simply setting up a bunch of Google Alerts and making sure I catch up on anything I miss during the day! Additionally, I keep an eye out on important sites such as sigma.world and Gambling Insider.

Contact Numa

Numa is our go-to expert, if you have any questions related to gambling regulations, (online) casinos, sportsbetting or anything else iGaming related, Numa is here to help. He will try his best to get back to you within 48 hours.

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