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Ehsan Gamal

Main editor for Habibibet

Who is Ehsan Gamal?

Ehsan Gamal is our in-house strategy and psychology expert. He’s got 8 years of experience in the iGaming industry, where in his early days he spent his time working for one of the largest game providers as a market researcher. With his commitment to excellence in combination with his analytical skills, he is able to ensure our readers get the most valuable insights when it comes to success or failure in casinos.

What makes Ehsan an expert?

Ehsan has over 8 years of industry experience, making him one of our senior staff members. He has an insatiable curiosity for everything related to iGaming. After finishing his studies in Casablanca in 2014, he went on to travel Europe and ended up in Malta. This is where he got his first job at Gaming Group and started his career.



  • Main editor - June 2023 - Present

Gaming Group

  • Lead Strategic Market Specialist - March 2021  - April 2023

  • Marketing Research Specialist - September 2018 - February 2021

  • Consumer Insights Analyst - March 2015 - August 2018


Ehsan holds two degrees, one in psychology and another in mathematics & statistics. He combines his analytical skills with his knowledge about the human psyche and how it responds to online gaming.

University of Hassan II Casablanca - Bachelor in Psychology

International University of Casablanca - Bachelor in Mathemathics & Statistics

What is Ehsan’s area of expertise?

As you can see from Ehsan’s educational background, he’s mostly been educated as an investigative professional. Which makes him perfect as our head editor. With his passion for Arabic players, it is evident he is dedicated to providing tailored advice and guidance to all our readers. His areas of expertise lay with mostly editorial, consumer psychology and market regulations.

Editorial expertise

Ehsan’s main responsibility with Habibibet is checking everything that is being written and published by our writers. This means he needs an excellent understanding of grammar in both English and Arabic. He has an eye for detail and with his passion for language, he makes sure you will only get the best possible content!

Consumer psychology

Ehsan has worked as a market researcher for a very long time, this job encompasses many responsibilities that have fostered many skills that are proven useful at Habibibet. He’s definitely not new to doing scientific research, data collection and analysis, consumer behavior analysis and market forecasting. The skills he built at Gaming Group make him an amazing editor at Habibibet.

Market regulations

Ehsan’s knowledge on market regulations help him further understand why some casinos would be suitable or not in specific markets. Together with Numa, they have a very strong knowledge of the North-African and Middle-Eastern markets - always navigating the interesting and sometimes challenging regulations in each market.


Ehsan has a serious understanding of anything iGaming related. He will offer you in-depth analysis of casinos, live casinos, bonuses and their - sometimes - misleading conditions. He isn’t a hardcore sports fan like Numa, but his mathematical skills make him a very good sports bettor - you can definitely learn some tips from him! Stay ahead of the curve with his interesting explorations of new industry trends and take advantage of all you can learn from him.

What is it like to work with Ehsan?

Ehsan is one of our more senior team members and is well respected among the entire team. He’s always open for a good discussion and enjoys spending time with the team. We asked one of our other team members, Numa Jabara, what he thinks of working with his co-worker.

From Numa’s perspective:
Ehsan is such a knowledgeable guy and I’m very grateful to be working with him! He’s often helped me out and I think his take on the iGaming industry is very refreshing. Even though we’re not working from the same office, we often have catch ups via video calls and chat about anything. The only thing he’s wrong about, is the soccer team he supports! Either way, I think he’s a great addition to the team and I’m glad I get to work with him."

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Q&A with Ehsan

How did you get into the iGaming industry?

After I finished both my degrees in my home country, I went on a long trip all throughout Europe. My last stop before heading back to Morocco was Malta. I absolutely loved all the hidden beaches on the island and the Maltese language has roots with the Arabic language, I felt right at home. I decided to extend my trip a little longer, and eventually was able to stay on a working visa when I got a job here in the iGaming industry.

What are your personal favorite 3 casinos?

My number 1 pick would be Lucky Dreams. I choose this one specifically because it has a very captivating and user friendly interface. Lucky Dreams also has one of the larger game portfolios, meaning they have something for every kind of gamer.

My second choice would be AxeCasino. I think they’ve done a great job with combining sports betting and casino gaming - making their casino one of the more versatile platforms out there.

Last but not least is my third pick, Betandyou. This casino deserves my praise especially because of their robust security measures. Additionally, they also have a bunch of gaming options and a wide array of bonuses.

What’s the first thing you check in casino reviews?

I always make sure it’s been written in an informative way. There’s nothing more annoying than reading a review that’s full of unnecessary information. Additionally, readers find it pleasant when they’re not bombarded with one big slab of text. That’s why I make sure the content is split up on proper headings and includes a bunch of lists and tables to make it easier for our readers.

What are your future plans for Habibibet?

This is not only up to me, but I’m hoping to grow Habibibet to new heights! As we navigate the North-African and Middle-Eastern market, I hope readers will look to our site for the best possible advice.

How do you stay up-to-date in this industry?

I tend to read a lot of different news outlets to make sure I stay up to date. My personal favorites are Gambling Insider and World Casino News.

Contact Ehsan

Do you have a question about anything iGaming related? Have you seen an error in one of our reviews or do you not agree with some of our opinions? Feel free to slide into Ehsan’s inbox and he’ll try his best to get back to you within 48 hours.

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