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The Best Sports Betting Bonuses for Arab Players 2024

If you have spent many years watching a sport, you can turn your expertise into a money-making enterprise by betting on the events within a sporting game and the final results. 

We have carefully assessed the sports betting platforms available in Arabic countries and the bonuses they provide.

The result of our research is the guide below which contains the very best sport betting bonuses for Arab players.

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Best Sports Betting Bonuses 2024

There are a lot of sports betting sites where Arab betting enthusiasts and sports fans can play to win. Even though betting is illegal in the Middle East, some measures like VPNs and anonymous payment methods make sports betting possible for Arabians.

The best sports betting websites for Arab players offer a wide range of sports to bet on, safe and smooth operation, and very importantly, great sports betting bonuses. The aim of a sports betting bonus is to help inexperienced players gain playing time with minimal risk and to ensure that Arab players enjoy betting better.

Vital bits of information explored include the spots betting platforms, their offer, terms and conditions that govern sports betting bonuses, the most notable types of sports betting bonuses, and how to select the perfect payment method for Arab players.

The sports betting industry is a very competitive one. New bookmakers in the Middle East step into the market frequently, and existing bookmakers come up with fresh ideas to stay ahead. This constant change is reflected in the quality of sports betting bonuses for Arab players.

To ensure that the information we provide is up to date, we update the bonuses in our Toplist often, taking out outdated bonuses and bringing in new ones.

Best Sports Betting Bonuses for Arab Players 2024

What Are Sports Betting Bonuses and How Do They Work?

Business establishments come up with strategies to draw in more players and improve their customer base. For online betting platforms, a sports betting bonus is one of the most important ways to achieve customer growth.

Sports betting bonuses are benefits that are given to players by the bookmaker, and their main purpose is to either get a lot of new people to register with a sports betting site or to encourage those that are already betting to continue consistently.

The main reason why sports betting bonuses are effective is that they make betting easier than it would normally be. A sports betting bonus usually works by reducing the cost of placing a bet or taking it away completely. So, with a bonus, you can either win more with less money or win without betting any of your money at all.

A sports betting bonus that is specifically designed for new players will likely entail free money after creating an account or depositing money for the first time. Respectively, a sports betting bonus for current members would likely reward them for playing at a steady pace or referring new players to the site.

What Should You Look For When Choosing Bookmaker Bonuses?

The ultimate aim of a sports betting bonus is to increase player involvement and various betting sites structure their bonuses differently. This means that some bookmaker bonuses are better than others, and you should only choose the best.

When selecting the right bookmaker bonus to claim, there are some factors that you should consider first:

  • What is the exact benefit of the bonus?

The first step to choosing a bonus is understanding what actual benefit you will gain from it. With some bonuses, the benefit is free cash while some others will let you bet for free or even increase the number of odds that you can gain on a bet.

By understanding what form of bonus you’re claiming, you won’t be caught unawares by getting a different benefit from what you expected or planned for.

  • Is it a deposit or no deposit bonus?

Some sports betting bonuses require that you deposit before you can claim them, while you can benefit from some other bonuses without depositing any money.

When you want to select a bookmaker bonus, you should find out beforehand if it requires a deposit so you can decide whether it is right for you.

  • How much do you need?

If you need to deposit before claiming a bonus, you should find out the value of the deposit required for the bonus to be activated and claimed.

Also, for a bonus that is attached to a bet, you might need to bet with a fixed amount of money for the bonus to be valid. When selecting a bonus, you need to find out the attached money requirements.

  • When does the bonus expire?

Bookmakers know that they cannot afford to have “perfect” bonuses to avoid running at a loss. So, they attach conditions to bonuses, and one of the most common is an expiry date. Not all bonuses have expiration dates, however.

As a player, you should find out if the bonus you want to choose will become invalid after some time, so you can make use of the bonus before its expiration.

  • Is the bonus restricted to some events or sports?

Another common condition that bookmakers place on their bonuses is restricting them to specific sports or events within a game. A bookmaker might use this sort of regulation to increase the level of attention paid to a particular sport or event on their site or to avoid people winning a lot of money from “easy” games.

Finding out whether a bonus has this sort of restriction is important so you can avoid choosing a bonus that only applies to a sport or event that you are not interested in.

  • Does the bonus depend on the outcome of a game?

Some bookmaker bonuses do not require a particular result from a game for you to claim them. For instance, you might simply use a cash bonus to play a game, regardless of whether you win or lose.

Other bonuses are more complicated, as the bookmaker might require a particular outcome from a game for the bonus to be claimed. For example, a rebate bonus is only given when you lose a bet.

  • When is the bonus available and how can you claim it?

When you get a cash bonus, it might be sent to your betting account immediately or after a while. This time factor is another aspect that you should always take note of, and it is usually contained in the bookmaker’s terms and conditions.

Similar to the time constraint, a bonus might require that you play a minimum number of times before you can claim or use the bonus. These factors are crucial and should always be studied when selecting a bookmaker bonus.

betting bonuses

Types Of Sports Betting Bonuses

When you consider the huge number of online betting platforms, it is no surprise that there are also a lot of sports betting bonuses that players can choose from.

The wide variety of bonuses is caused by the difference in the needs of bookmakers, such as those that target new players and those that target already-existing members of a betting platform.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is perhaps the most common bonus type that you can find across sports betting sites and other online gambling establishments.

The principle of a deposit bonus:

  • A player deposits an amount of money from their bank account to their betting account.

  • The bookmaker gives the player a bonus cash amount that is usually a percentage of the value of the deposit.

For example, if a player qualifies for a deposit bonus worth 300%, they will be given a free cash amount that is 3 times the amount that they deposit. In such a case, a $100 deposit will be accompanied by an extra $300 as a bonus.

The whole point of a deposit bonus is for new players to get free money that they can bet with, increasing betting activity on the website. Bookmakers find it easy to give out deposit bonuses since a new player has already put some of their own money into their betting account.

You should note that gaining a deposit bonus might not be very straightforward. Bookmakers often require that your first deposit should be a minimum amount of money before you can qualify for a deposit bonus.

Also, you might not be able to withdraw a deposit bonus directly into your bank account. To enjoy a deposit bonus, you might need to place a bet with the bonus cash, and if you win, you can then withdraw the winnings.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is the opposite of a deposit bonus. You do not need to deposit any amount of money from your bank account to your betting account to gain a no deposit bonus.

In a way, a no deposit bonus is the best kind of bonus that you can get from a betting website since you gain money by simply opening an account with the bookmaker’s website.

However, because of how “free” a no deposit bonus is, the bonus value is usually limited by the bookmaker, and not as high as a deposit bonus. There are also a lot of conditions that often accompany a no deposit bonus, making it less effective.

Like the deposit bonus, you cannot withdraw a no deposit bonus directly. You will need to bet with the bonus and then withdraw the winnings that might follow.

Free Bet

A free bet is a bonus that allows you to place a bet without using your money. In a way, a free bet is similar to a deposit or no deposit bonus since you get to play a game with money that isn’t directly gotten from your bank account.

The main limitation of a free bet is that it is mostly valid for only specific games, players, or sports, reducing how much you can benefit from it. A player might be given a free $10 amount to place a bet on a particular football competition, meaning that the bonus amount is useless for all other football competitions and all other sports.

Even if a free bet does not allow you to have maximum freedom on a betting website, it is a great opportunity for new players to explore online betting. A free bet also offers you the advantage of gaining money without the risk of losing money from your pocket.

Risk-Free Bet

A risk-free bet allows players to bet without the fear of a loss. To use a risk-free bet, you need to deposit from your bank and place a bet. The advantage is, if your bet is lost, the total amount that you bet will be refunded to your account.

A risk-free bet is similar to a free bet because, at the end of the day, you do not lose any money. Whatever amount that you spend on a bet will be regained. So, a risk-free bet is also ideal for new players and people looking to explore the bookmaker’s website.

The best time for you to use a risk-free bet is when you want to bet a huge amount of money. You can freely dig deep into your pocket and place a large bet since you know that the money will be refunded if you lose.

The main difference between a free bet and a risk-free bet is the need to use money from your betting account when betting. Free bets do not require you to gamble with your deposit.

Improved Odds

Another way that bookmakers offer bonuses to players is by increasing the odds of a bet to increase the value of a player’s potential winnings. By making odds higher than their usual value, players can bet with more confidence, since they can win more money.

For new players, high odds will make the journey into online betting on a site easier, so they can gain experience while enjoying bigger chances of winning more money.

Reload Bonus

The structure of a reload bonus is similar to that of a deposit bonus because it also entails getting free cash after making a deposit. The main difference, however, is that a reload bonus is for existing players while a deposit bonus is for new players.

A reload bonus is an incentive for existing players to continue playing and depositing. Like a deposit bonus, a player uses a reload bonus as a bet to be placed on a game, and then the winnings can be withdrawn.

The frequency of a reload bonus depends on individual bookmakers. A bookmaker might offer a reload bonus at intervals like once a month or at the beginning of a new sporting season.

Rebate Offer

When a player receives a rebate offer, they will be refunded a percentage of all their lost bets over a stated period. For instance, for a monthly rebate, a player will get a fraction of the bets they lose every month.

A rebate is another type of betting bonus that is meant for players that have been using a betting site for a while. The aim of a rebate is to reduce the effect of a player’s losses across a given time frame, stopping them from getting discouraged.

Cashback Offer

Also called a rakeback offer, a cashback offer is similar to a rebate. A cashback offer also involves a player getting refunded a percentage of the bets that they place within a given time frame.

The main difference between both is that cashback does not depend on whether a bet is lost, unlike a rebate. So, the bet percentage that is refunded under a cashback offer covers both won and lost bets.

Loyalty Bonus and VIP Programs

Members of a betting site that either play at a consistent level or bet with large amounts are rewarded by the bookmaker with loyalty and VIP bonuses. The purpose of loyalty and VIP programs is to recognize the efforts of steady players.

The exact benefits enjoyed by a VIP member are determined by the bookmaker. A VIP player might get rakebacks, cash bonuses, free bets, or reload bonuses. Existing players also get bonuses for referrals - successfully getting a new player to register and play on the site.

How We Review & Rank Bookmaker Bonuses

The sports betting bonuses on our list are better than most other offers that you would find on betting sites for Arab players. So, what are the criteria that we use when evaluating bookmaker bonuses to determine the very best offer? Below, we break down how we rank and review sports betting bonuses.

Validity Of The Site

There is a large number of sports betting sites available on the Arab betting scene. Among all these options, not every bookmaker has solid credentials that make them worth playing with and attempting to claim their bonuses.

The main factor that governs whether a sports betting site is valid is its license. Every notable betting establishment needs to be licensed by an official body, as this declares that the site’s activities are legitimate.

If a sports betting website does not have a license from a significant body, then we do not include its bonuses in our list.

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Game Variety

Another feature that we use to rank a sports betting bonus is the number and types of games that are available on the bookmaker’s site. The best sports betting sites should cover a large number of sporting and non-sporting events. We also expect platforms to have virtual sports for players.

The reason why variety is important is; the higher the number of available sports, the better the betting experience that players get to enjoy. It is usually a red flag if a betting site is limited to a small number of sports, and we do not rank their bonus highly in such a case.

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Bonus Value

The worth of a bonus is directly tied to the amount that you stand to benefit from it. When rating bookmaker bonuses for Arab players, we always prefer high-value bonuses to low-value ones.

So, when selecting bonuses that fall under categories like free bets, reload bonuses, and deposit bonuses, we target those bonuses that give either more money or a bigger percentage.

In summary, a bonus that offers a small amount of money is less likely to appear on our list than one that offers higher financial value.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are attached to bonuses and they affect how you can make use of a bonus. When we want to decide which bookmaker bonus gets on our list we closely review the accompanying terms and conditions.

Only sports betting bonuses with favorable terms and conditions are included in our list, as some unfriendly terms can make a bonus difficult to claim or use.

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Player Experience

No matter how many sports are offered by a bookmaker, or the impressive value of their bonuses, it is all ineffective if players find it difficult to make use of the platform. Whether betting services are offered through a website or an app, we expect the setup to be easy to navigate.

A bookmaker’s platform needs to have player-friendly features that help players move between different betting markets and monitor their bets with ease. Players should also get notified when there are new developments relating to their activities on the betting site.

Apart from checking out how simple it is to use a bookmaker’s platform, we also like to hear from people who have previously made use of a betting site. We use review sites like Trustpilot and Reddit to get reliable feedback about a betting platform and its bonuses.

Our selection of bookmaker bonuses contains only those offered by top-notch establishments that have a proven record of reliability and a customer-friendly setup.

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Payment Methods

It is essential for a betting platform to have reliable payment methods before its bonuses can be considered to be valuable. A player should be able to circulate money between their bank account and their betting account without compromising their financial security or experiencing a delay.

When the payment options offered by a bookmaker are fully functional, then its bonuses can be effective and considered for our list.

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Terms & Conditions Of Sports Betting Bonuses

The terms and conditions that accompany sports betting bonuses determine just how useful a bonus is. Before you start using any bookmaker’s services, you should read through their terms and conditions to ensure that they are reasonable.

Check out some of the most common terms and conditions of sports betting bonuses.

Expiry Date

An expiry date is a regular limitation that many bookmakers include in the terms and conditions surrounding the use of their bonuses. A time limit is included is so that players will be spurred to use the bonuses rather than just letting them sit idle.

A common time frame that bookmakers give players to use their bonuses is two weeks. However, some bonuses might expire as early as a week after, while others might be valid for up to 90 days.

Wagering Requirements

A wagering requirement is a major component of bonus terms and conditions and it greatly affects your gameplay and how you use a bonus. Before you can claim a bonus, you have to place a bet for a fixed number of odds, and this is the wagering requirement.

After betting according to the wagering requirement and getting a win, then you can withdraw your winnings.

Here’s an illustration of how a wagering requirement works:

  • A player gets a 100% deposit bonus off a $20 deposit, meaning a bonus of $20.

  • Assume the wagering requirement of the bonus is 20x.

  • The player has to place a bet worth 20 odds, giving potential winnings of $200.

  • If the player’s bet is won, they can withdraw the subsequent winnings.

Maximum Winnings

As much as bookmakers need bonuses to draw in customers, offering unlimited advantages to players can negatively affect the operation of the sports betting site, causing them to run at a loss.

To avoid losses and to prevent players from misusing bonuses, bookmakers tend to limit how much money someone can win from a bonus.

Minimum Deposits

A deposit bonus is great because you get free money when you fund your betting account from your bank account. Again, there is a limit to how much money and how many people a bookmaker can give a bonus to.

To ensure that a deposit bonus is enjoyed only by people that are serious about playing on the site, a bookmaker will usually place a restriction; a minimum deposit amount before you can get a deposit bonus.

Minimum Odds

Similar to wagering requirements, minimum odds are the smallest number of odds that you can bet a bonus for you to claim the winnings. So, the winnings from a bonus with minimum odds attached can only be claimed at a risk equal to or higher than the specified minimum.

Betting Apps & Mobile Bonuses

In every industry, including online betting, it is important for customers to experience the highest level of convenience. Previously, websites for online betting platforms were accessed on desktops. Currently, there are mobile-friendly betting sites and apps that players can operate from their mobile devices.

To boost the number of players that use their mobile platforms, some sports betting sites offer bonuses that are only available when betting via a mobile device. Betting with your phone also grants you a lot of advantages that your desktop or laptop does not offer.

  • Mobile betting is convenient since you can carry your phone around easily, as opposed to a computer which is less portable.

  • You take enable notifications on your mobile device so you can easily keep track of your betting progress.

  • A mobile device allows you to make important changes to your games and take advantage of impromptu bonuses that have small validity time frames.

Mobile betting options also come with their own disadvantages.

  • Mobile sites and betting apps make it more convenient to bet, increasing the chances of developing betting problems like addiction.

  • Some mobile apps might not have as many game or event selections as a computer-based betting website.

  • For people that use a mobile betting app, the application can consume space on the phone’s memory, potentially slowing it down.

Betting Bonus Payment Methods

The transfer of money between your bank and your betting account (depositing and withdrawing) are two core processes related to all your activities on a bookmaker’s website. A sign of a good betting site is when there are several dependable payment methods.

For Arab players, your payment method is particularly important because betting is illegal in the Arab world, meaning that you need an anonymous payment method.

There are three common groups of payment methods that betting sites offer; Bank Cards (Debit and Credit), e-Wallets like Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller, and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

For anonymity, speed, and safety, crypto payment is the safest path for Arab players, followed by e-wallets. Bank cards are not a good choice for Arabians since they are directly linked to your bank account and your personal information, making them easy to trace.

How To Claim A Bookmaker Bonus

Claiming a bonus offered by a bookmaker is usually a straightforward process. When you find a bonus that you want, you need to register with the sports betting site first of all. If it is a deposit bonus, then make a deposit that meets up with the minimum deposit requirement.

After getting your bonus, you can make use of it by betting it according to the wagering requirements and then withdrawing your winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest sport to bet on and win?

Football (soccer), tennis, and basketball are some of the easiest sports to bet on and get positive results.

What is a risk-free bet?

A risk-free bet is one where you get refunded your stake on a game if you lose. That way, the risk of losing is eliminated.

Can I cash out free bets?

No, you cannot cash out a free bet directly. Instead, you need to stake the free bet amount on a game, after which you can cash out if you win.

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