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Online French Roulette Casinos for Arab Players 2024

French Roulette is a popular roulette variant that has 37 pockets on its wheel, just like the standard European Roulette wheel. Due to its low house edge and high payout, French Roulette is the preferred roulette variant choice for many players around the world.

Arab players depend on online casino sites based in foreign countries to safely play Online French Roulette.

Our Guide to Online French Roulette in Arab countries educates Arab players on how to play and win French Roulette online with minimal risk.

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What Are the Best French Roulette Sites in 2024?

8 best French Roulette sites are:

  • Galactic Wins

  • Betandyou

  • JackpotCity

  • BC.Game

  • Betwinner

  • Shangri La

  • 20Bet

  • Nomini.

The best French Roulette online casinos have remarkable features such as licensing from a well-known gambling authority, high-level site security, compliance with fairness standards, and a mobile app for players who prefer mobile gambling.

Other features of the top French Roulette sites are a responsive and professional customer support team, diverse variations of casino games, and quick payments.

How we rate and review French Roulette sites

We rate and review French Roulette sites based on their license, security, and game fairness. To approach to reputable gambling platform it is important to follow these steps:

  • Look for the site’s license:

Every legitimate Online French Roulette site has a license given by a top gambling authority. This is the most important feature that we look out for when rating the trustworthiness of a French Roulette site.

  • Verify the site’s security:

A reliable French Roulette site will employ security measures to keep customers safe from cyberattacks by hackers or fraudsters. A casino’s security level is just as important as its license when ranking trustworthiness.

  • Confirm the fairness of games:

French Roulette is a game of chance, so the outcomes of betting rounds are meant to be random. We prioritize Online French Roulette platforms to use Random Number Generators so that players can enjoy fair games that are not rigged in the casino’s favor.

  • Check out player reviews:

We visit sites like Reddit and Trustpilot to get information from players about the services that French Roulette sites offer. These reviews from players give us an idea of how trustworthy an online casino is.

Free vs Real Money Online French Roulette

Playing for free or playing with real money Online French Roulette is a doubt every player have as beginning journey into exploring Online French Roulette. There are pros and cons associated with whether it is free or real money French Roulette.

Below, we examine the advantages and disadvantages that come with playing French Roulette for free or with real money so the players can figure out which option is best for them.

Free French Roulette

Learn the game’s rules without losing moneyNo bonuses or VIP offers
Explore game variants for funRestricted game access
Practice strategies without riskPlaying time limits
Play games without making a deposit

Real Money French Roulette

Win and withdraw real cashThe risk of losing real money
Claim enticing bonuses and VIP benefitsIncreased risk of gambling addiction
Play all available games freely
No time limits for real money play

Playing real money French Roulette requires more from players than free French Roulette. Players often need to enter their personal information during the mandatory registration process and deposit money before they can explore real money French Roulette games.

How to Play Online French Roulette?

To play online French Roulette, you need to register on a suitable online casino, make a deposit, and choose game. Here is a 4-step guide on how to go for it:

1. Select casino

Choose any of the best Online French Roulette sites from our toplist, but if you want to select one on your own, ensure that it is secure, has a valid license, and has fair games in its catalog.

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2. Register with the casino

Casinos require that players register with information like their name, address, email, and phone number, among other details.

3. Deposit money

After creating an account, use preferred payment method to deposit money into your casino account and claim the welcome bonus if there is one.

4. Start playing

Find a French Roulette game within the casino’s game collection and start playing to win real money.

How to Win at Online French Roulette

If you’re looking to win at Online French Roulette, a VPN and bankroll management are vital for your winning strategy.


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tool that internet users can use to secure the transfer of data between their device and a website. VPNs are particularly important for Arab players because they help players hide from the authorities when gambling online.

A VPN works by giving players a new IP address so their device’s actual IP address cannot be traced. The new IP address can enable players to access geo-blocked casino sites. Another thing a VPN does is encrypt all the information that you send to an online casino.

To use a VPN, you often need to buy a monthly or yearly plan, after which you can choose your preferred new IP address location. Some of the safest VPN providers for Arab players are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Cyber Ghost, and Windscribe.

Secure Payment Methods

Secure payment methods are an essential part of online gambling as players need transaction options that are safe, quick, and anonymous. For Arab players especially, using regular banking methods to transact with an online casino can expose you to the authorities.

Among the payment methods that Arab players can rely on for safety and anonymity, the top three categories are:

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • E-wallets

  • E-vouchers (prepaid cards).

Cryptocurrencies are the most secure payment methods for Arab players, and some common examples are Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Some popular e-wallets are Neteller and Skrill, while notable e-vouchers include Neosurf and Paysafecard.

Note that online casinos have terms and conditions relating to payment methods such as deposit and withdrawal limits and eligibility for bonuses.

To maintain an effective gambling strategy, ensure that you practice responsible gambling. Some responsible gambling tools like pre-set betting limits and self-exclusion can help you minimize losses and avoid gambling addiction.

French Roulette Terminology

Learn some of the most common French Roulette terminologies that you will need during gameplay.

  • Voisins du Zero (Neighbors of Zero):

A call bet covering the “0” pocket and the numbers around it - all 17 numbers from 22 to 25.

  • Jeu Zero (Zero Game):

A smaller version of the Voisins du Zero bet. It covers the “0” pocket and some numbers around it - all 7 numbers from 12 to 15.

  • Tiers Du Cylindre (Third of the Wheel):

A call bet covering one-third of the wheel -  12 numbers from 33 to 27.

  • Orphelins (orphans):

A call bet covering the numbers excluded from the call bet groups (Voisins du Zero, Jeu Zero, and Tiers du Cylindre) - all 8 numbers from 17 to 6 and 1 to 9.

  • Finales En Plein (Final):

A call bet covering all the numbers that have a common final digit. For example, a Finales 4 bet covers the numbers 3, 13, 23, and 33. A Finales 8 bet covers 8, 18, and 28.

  • Street bet:

A bet on three numbers that form a row.

  • Red/Black bet:

An outside bet that predicts the color that the ball will land on.

  • Corner bet:

A bet on four side-by-side numbers that form a square.

  • Split bet:

A bet on two side-by-side numbers.

  • Column bet:

A bet on all 12 numbers in a column.

  • High/Low bet:

A bet that predicts what half of the table that the ball will land on. A Low bet covers numbers from 1 to 18 and a High bet covers numbers from 19 to 36.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play roulette online for real money?

Yes, you can play roulette online for real money at online gambling sites. You can explore different Roulette variations such as French Roulette, European Roulette, and American Roulette.

How do you play French roulette?

You play French Roulette by picking a numbered pocket, then the croupier will spin the roulette wheel. If the ball lands on the pocket that you chose, then you have a win.

What’s the difference between French and American Roulette?

The main difference between French and American Roulette is that the French Roulette wheel has one green “0” pocket while American Roulette has an extra green “00”.

Are French Roulette sites rigged?

No, trustworthy French Roulette sites are not rigged. The best French Roulette sites use Random Number Generators to ensure that game results are random and fair.

Can I play French Roulette on my mobile?

Yes, you can play French Roulette on your mobile by downloading an online casino’s app or visiting its website on your mobile device’s browser.

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