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Best Bookmakers in Oman 2024


Bookmakers are essential in the sports betting industry, accepting bets and providing odds for events. 

They use various techniques to set odds, analyzing data to determine probabilities creating an engaging experience for bettors, fueling their passion for sports. 

This article guides Oman players on the best bookmakers online and how to bet safely and succesfully in Oman.

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Numa Jabara
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Best Betting Sites in Oman

Top 3 Betting Sites in Oman

In recent times, there have been regulatory bodies for bookmakers that guide them and ensure that you, the player, are in safe hands. Here are the top 3 betting sites for  betting fans.

Recommended Betting Site

Our most favoured Omani betting sites is Shangri La. Shangri La is the top choice with its extensive selection of sports, user-friendly interface, offering various first-time deposit promotions and rewards its customers with profitable bonuses. 

The Legality of Sports Betting in Oman

Oman’s sporting scene has grown and developed over the years and players from the country have excelled in sports like Cricket and Football. Oman also hosts sports events regularly, and this growth has increased the interest in sports betting among citizens.

However, as in most Middle Eastern countries there is a limit to how much Oman’s citizens can financially exploit sports in the country as betting is illegal in the country. Oman is a Muslim country governed by Islamic law which frowns upon any form of gambling and using sports betting sites, whether online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

While online betting is not explicitly mentioned in the penal code of Oman, all games of chance are considered illegal because gambling is generally restricted. Players and bookmakers in Oman who engage in sports betting activities stand at risk of being penalized.

However, the Omani government's attention mainly centers on websites with political and anti-religious content, so, bettors can often play online without being traced or prosecuted.

How To Place Bets Online in Oman?

If you are new to sports betting, you might not be sure about where to start. Here’s a detailed guide to placing bets online in Oman.

  • Choose a reputable online sportsbook:

Start by researching online sportsbooks to find one that is reputable, licensed, and offers the sports and markets you are interested in betting on.

  • Create an account:

Once you have selected a sportsbook, create an account by providing your personal information and verifying your identity. You will also need to deposit into your account to place bets.

  • Find the sports event you want to bet on:
    Navigate to the sports section of the sportsbook and find the event you want to bet on. This could be a specific game or sporting tournament.

  • Choose your bet type:
    After finding the event you want to bet on, choose the type of bet you want to place. Common bet types include moneyline bets, point spread bets, and over/under wagers.

  • Enter your stake:
    After choosing your bet type, enter the amount to wager on the bet. This will determine your potential winnings if the bet is successful.

  • Place your bet:
    Once you have reviewed your bet and confirmed your stake, submit your wager. Your bet will then be added to your betting slip, and you will receive a confirmation.

  • Monitor your bet:
    Once your bet is placed, monitor the event to see if your bet is successful. If you win, your winnings will be automatically added to your account balance.

Oman betting sites

Features Of Best Online Bookmakers In Oman

When betting online, your entire experience can either be positively or negatively affected by the quality of your bookmaker. Various factors determine which bookmakers are better than others, and here are some to look out for:


Security is perhaps the most critical aspect of online betting sites. Since these sites collect a lot of sensitive data from players, security measures should be made available to protect this data from hackers and cyber criminals who may want to use it for identity theft or fraud.

Your chosen bookmaker site should have SSL encryption to prevent hackers from stealing information. SSL (Security Socket Layer) encryption is a security protocol that encrypts data sent between a web server and a user’s browser.

As such, SSL encryption provides a secure channel for data transmission, protecting sensitive data from being tampered with.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Choosing a licensed site ensures that the betting site operates legally and is subject to regulatory oversight. Betting sites cannot be licensed by the Omani government, but there are international bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission that handle gaming licenses.


Bonuses are an effective way to attract new customers to betting sites and retain existing customers. Bonuses like free bets, cashback offers, and deposit bonuses encourage players to sign up and play more games.

It is essential for betting sites to attract and retain customers and promote customer loyalty. So, you should opt for online bookmakers with attractive sports betting bonuses to boost your wins and rewards.

Competitive Odds

Choosing betting sites with competitive odds means you can win more money for your bets. Better odds lead to higher payouts, helping you win more money without needing to increase your stake.

Mobile Compatibility

A bookmaker’s site should be compatible with mobile devices, allowing users to place bets and access their accounts conveniently.

Customer Support

A good bookmaker site should offer reliable customer support, including live chat, email, and phone support for bettors. 

Variety of Payment Options

A good bookmaker site should offer various payment options to users, including credit cards, e-wallets, crypto, prepaid cards, and bank transfers.

Adopting Virtual Private Networks For Safety

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are crucial for ensuring security and privacy on the internet. A VPN is a tool that allows users to create a secure, encrypted connection to the internet, protecting against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

VPNs encrypt internet traffic, making it a lot more difficult for anyone to intercept or track a user's online activities on sports betting sites and online casinos in Oman. This can help protect sensitive data such as passwords, financial information, and personal information from being compromised.

In addition, VPNs allow users to mask their IP address and appear to be located in a different country, providing greater online anonymity and privacy. With a VPN, bettors in Oman can bypass government restrictions and access online betting sites in other countries with ease.

Types Of Online Sports Betting And How to Play?

There are several types of online sports betting to choose from, each with unique perks and characteristics. 

Let’s explore some of them.

In-play Betting 

In-play betting is a form of online sports betting that allows users to place wagers on sporting events as they are happening. This type of betting has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it offers an exciting and dynamic way for sports fans to engage with their favorite games and events.

The basic concept of in-play betting is that users can place bets on the outcome of a game or event while it is in progress, and odds are updated constantly based on gameplay. This allows users to make informed and strategic bets based on real-time developments in the game, such as a team's or player's performance.

One advantage of in-play betting is that it offers great flexibility and control over the betting process. Users can take advantage of sudden betting opportunities that may arise during the game.

Esports Betting

Esports is short for “Electronic Sports”, and it involves people competing against each other in video game matches or tournaments on the internet. Games like League of Legends, FIFA, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and NBA 2K are common in the world of e-sports.

In esports betting, bettors can place bets on various aspects of an e-sports match or tournament. Common bet types include the winner of a particular game or match, the overall winner of a tournament, or specific in-game events such as the number of kills or assists that a player achieves.

Esports betting is similar in many ways to traditional sports betting, with the main difference being that the events being bet on are video game competitions rather than physical sports.

Unlike traditional sports such as football or basketball, where the rules and strategies are well-known and widely understood, e-sports games can be complex and require a deeper understanding of the gameplay and strategies involved.

Peer-to-Peer Betting

Peer-to-peer (P2P) betting is a form where bettors can place wagers against other users rather than against a bookmaker or sportsbook. In P2P betting, users can act as bettors and bookmakers, setting their odds and accepting bets from other users.

P2P betting operates on a decentralized platform, with users connecting directly to one another rather than going through a bookmaker. This allows for greater flexibility and customization in the betting process, as users can negotiate odds and terms directly with one another.

One main benefit of P2P betting is that it potentially offers better payouts since players can negotiate odds that are more favorable than those offered by traditional sportsbooks.

Also, P2P betting provides a more social and engaging betting experience since users can interact directly with one another and discuss betting strategies.

Fantasy Sports Betting

Fantasy betting allows bettors to create virtual teams composed of real-life athletes and compete against other users based on the statistical performance of these athletes in real-life sporting events.

Fantasy betting is often a game of skill and experience rather than luck since users must research and analyze the performance of individual athletes and make strategic decisions to create the most effective team.

Through fantasy betting, sports fans can engage with their favorite sports in a new and exciting way.

The Rise of Cricket in Oman

Cricket has been gaining popularity in Oman recently, with the sport experiencing a surge of interest among locals and tourists. The country's cricketing success is evident in its recent achievements in international cricket tournaments that have brought more attention to other sports in Oman.

One reason for cricket's rise in Oman is the Oman Cricket Board, which has made efforts to promote the sport and develop infrastructure for cricketing facilities. The board has also established a national team and organized domestic leagues and tournaments to raise the sport's profile.

The popularity of cricket in Oman is also primarily attributed to the number of expatriates from cricket-playing nations such as India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, who bring their passion for the sport to Oman. This has created a diverse and vibrant cricketing community in the country that has also helped spur interest in the sport among Omanis.

Furthermore, the national team's success in international tournaments has generated excitement and pride among Omanis, further fueling the sport's growth. In 2019, the Oman cricket team qualified for the T20 World Cup, a historic achievement for the country and helped showcase Oman's cricketing talent to the world.

Other Bookmaker Sports in Oman

While cricket is dominant in Oman, there are other betting-friendly sports to look out for in the country, including:


Football is a very popular sport in Oman, with a long history of the game being played in the country. The Oman Football Association (OFA) was established in 1978 and is responsible for organizing football competitions in the country.

The national football team of Oman, known as the Red Warriors, has made significant strides in recent years, especially in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) competitions. They have qualified for the AFC Asian Cup several times, with their best performance coming in 2019 when they reached the Round of 16.

Most betting sites offer a wide range of football betting options, meaning Omani football lovers have easy access to football betting with bookmakers from other countries.


Although hockey is not a widely played sport in Oman, it is loved by tourists and hockey club members.

There are a few hockey clubs in Oman, including the Muscat Hockey Club, which was established in 1976 and is one of the oldest hockey clubs in the country. The club has men's and women's teams and plays in various local and regional tournaments.

To place bets on hockey, find notable sports betting sites that offer the game with profitable odds.


There are a few handball clubs in Oman, including the Muscat Handball Club, which was established in 2004 and is one of the first handball clubs established in the country. The club has both men's and women's teams and plays in various local and regional tournaments.

In recent years, efforts have been made to promote and develop handball in Oman. For instance, The Oman Handball Association was established in 2011 and has been working to develop the sport at the grassroots level by organizing training camps and tournaments for young players.

Oman also hosted some international handball events, such as the Asian Men's Handball Championship in 2010 and the Asian Women's Handball Championship in 2019. These events have helped raise the handball profile in Oman and have provided opportunities for Omani players to gain experience playing against international teams.

Payment Methods for Betting in Oman

Online betting payment methods typically involve a range of options for depositing and withdrawing funds from a betting account. Some standard payment methods used by online betting sites include:


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption technology to regulate transactions. Cryptocurrencies are safe payment methods because they make use of a decentralized network that removes the need for any intermediary when transactions are made.

Since players can place bets without a third party managing things, the safety and anonymity of players are guaranteed.

Compared to other payment methods, using well-established cryptocurrency casinos is a better choice for Omani players that want to transact with betting sites without being discovered by the government. Crypto transactions are extra secure because they cannot be hacked or traced to you.

There are several cryptocurrencies adopted by online bookmakers that players can opt for during payment. The most popular is Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum and Litecoin, among others.

Ultimately, if you want a payment method that offers the best combination of speed, privacy, and security, then cryptocurrency is the way to go.


E-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are also popular payment methods for online betting. These digital wallets allow customers to store and transfer funds online securely. When it comes to e-wallet transactions, deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly, and the associated fees are usually low.

E-wallets also provide an additional layer of security to user data. They use advanced encryption technology to protect personal and financial information. Also, two-factor authentication options ensure that only the user can access the account.

Credit/Debit Cards

Players in Oman can use their credit or debit cards to deposit funds into their betting accounts. Deposits via cards are usually processed instantly, and the card issuer or the betting site may charge a small fee.

Bank cards are a widely accepted payment option offered to players worldwide. However, funding betting accounts with your card is not the most private option since transactions are revealed on bank statements and credit card bills, potentially exposing a player’s identity.

Is online betting legal in Oman?

No. Online betting isn’t legal in Oman. However, you can place bets on your favorite sports at foreign betting sites.

Are there mobile betting apps in Oman?

Yes, there are mobile betting apps that are compatible with Android and iOS devices for Omani players.

Can I deposit funds in Omani Rial?

While online betting sites allow payment in foreign currencies, finding one that accepts Omani Rial might be difficult. You might need to deposit in popular currencies such as Dollars (USD) or Pounds (GBP).

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