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Online Poker Casinos for Arab Players 2024

Poker, as one of the most popular casino games, got its global recognition for its strategic intricacies and substantial player base.

Statistics from the September last year show that there are over 100 million poker players worldwide.

In this article, we will examine poker comprehensively, exploring its diverse variants, the fundamental rules governing gameplay, and strategic approaches that enable players to navigate this complex game successfully.

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The best online poker sites have some common features that make them better than their competitors. These include diverse variations of poker games, a rewarding VIP program, and quick payments. Great poker sites also have a mobile app and reliable customer support.

How We Rate and Assess the Trustworthiness of Online Poker Sites

When rating we consider several factors to determine the trustworthiness of online poker sites. These factors are:

  • Licensing

  • Site Security

  • Customer Reviews

  • Customer Support.

Can I play Free Online Poker?

Fans of online poker can choose between playing poker for free and playing poker with real money. Whether you choose free or real money poker, each option has its pros and cons.

Free Online Poker Pros and Cons

Pros IconPros
  • Ability to learn the rules without risk
  • Opportunity to test unique variants for free
  • Easy way to gain experience
  • No need for deposit and withdrawal methods
Cons IconCons
  • No bonus or loyalty offers
  • A limited number of games are available
  • Limits on playing time

Real Money Online Poker Pros and Cons

Pros IconPros
  • Real money prizes
  • Access to exciting bonus and loyalty offers
  • Increased excitement levels
  • No game or time limits
Cons IconCons
  • Risk of losing real money
  • Gambling addiction is possible

Real money poker requires creating an account with your personal details, often including your name, email address, phone number, and address. Once your account is set, make a deposit and start playing casino games for real money winnings.

What are the Best Poker Bonuses and Promotions?

The best poker bonuses and promotions are 4 types of bonuses:

  1. deposit bonus

  2. no-deposit bonus

  3. reload bonus

  4. loyalty scheme of VIP casinos.

Deposit Bonus

To claim a deposit bonus, players need to deposit an amount that meets the casino’s minimum deposit requirement. Then, the player will receive a bonus amount that is usually a percentage of their deposit (a matched-up bonus), up to a certain amount.

Most Arabic online poker sites use matched-up bonuses as a welcome bonus offer to welcome new players to the casino.

No-Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is a reward that does not require players to make a deposit before claiming it. After receiving free money from a no-deposit bonus, players can use it to play games and withdraw winnings after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a deposit bonus that is offered to existing customers in the form of a matched percentage of their deposit. A reload bonus is beneficial because existing players can activate it as a reward for playing games.

Loyalty Scheme VIP Casinos

Loyalty Scheme VIP casinos offer special perks and benefits to high-stakes players as a reward for playing at a high level. These VIP programs reward player loyalty with perks like exclusive bonuses, free gifts, and dedicated account managers.

Best VIP programs and rewards

AxeCasino VIP program

Benefits include personalized bonuses and a weekly cashback of up to 15%.

Lucky Dreams VIP program

VIP perks include cash bonuses and a welcome bonus for each VIP level.

JackpotCity VIP Club

VIP benefits include personal support, special bonuses, and invitations to events.

BC.Game VIP Club

Perks include level-up bonuses, recharge offers, and weekly cashback.

Which Types of Poker do Online Casinos have?

Online Casinos have 3 most common types of Poker:

  1. Texas Hold'em

  2. Omaha

  3. Live Dealer Poker.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em poker is one of the most popular variants of poker in both real and online casinos. Each player has two hole cards in Texas Hold’em poker and all players share five Community cards displayed on the table.

The aim is to get the best possible five-card hand from the combination of your two hole cards and the five community cards.

In the case of a showdown, the players reveal their cards in order to determine which player wins the pot. The player with the highest hand value wins.


Omaha poker is popular poker variant commonly played at online tournaments. The basic rules of Omaha and Texas Hold’em poker are similar, but there are 3 key differences in each game’s features that set both variants apart:

  1. in Omaha poker, players get four hole cards rather than two.

  2. in Omaha poker, players are required to select two cards from the four hole cards and three cards from the five community cards to form a five-card hand, and the best hand wins the pot.

  3. in Omaha poker increased number of hole cards appears and makes it easier for players to choose a better hand, resulting in higher player odds.

Live Dealer Poker

In live dealer casino, a real dealer manages the pot and deals the cards in poker. The two main card distribution methods are the American and European style. Live Dealer Poker is a good choice for Arabic players who prefer live casino games to Random Number Generator (RNG) games.

For more excitement and bigger winnings, competition in online live poker tournaments is required.

Other Online Poker Variations

Other online poker variations are Caribbean Stud Poker and Deuces Wild.

In Deuces Wild, you can replace any of your cards with a deuce and players attempt to beat the dealer in Caribbean Stud Poker.

Is it Safe to Play Online Poker?

Arabic countries consider gambling an illegal act, but the use of VPNs and safe banking methods can help you play online poker safely.

What are Legal Aspects of Online Poker in Arabic countries

Islamic law regulates the legal aspects of online poker in Arabic countries. According to Islam, gambling is a sin, leading to these countries declaring gambling to be illegal.

Some exceptions to the anti-gambling laws are Morocco and Lebanon, while Tunisia allows only foreigners to gamble.

How to use VPN

You need to sign up with a VPN site before using it. Safe VPN providers are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Windscribe.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) gives users a secure IP address and encrypts the transfer of data between players and a poker site.

Which Payment Methods are safe?

The safest payment methods are cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin and Ethereum), eVouchers (like Neosurf and PaysafeCard), and eWallets (like Neteller and Skrill). They protect Arabic players from the authorities.

How to Win at Online Poker

You can win at Online Poker following these steps:

  • Choose the right poker game for you.

  • Play at single tables.

  • Practice demo versions before exploring real money poker that requires payments.

  • Learn hand rankings and odds

  • Pay attention to your bankroll management as it is very important

  • Engage in responsible gambling practices such as pre-set betting limits and self-exclusion.

Poker Terminology

There are 15 most important terms to use often during gameplay:

1. PotThe money that is won or shared by the winner(s)
2. AnteAn initial bet before cards are dealt
3. Community Cardsgroup of five cards that players share during gameplay
4. FlopThe first three community cards after the initial betting round
5. TurnThe fourth community card
6. Riverthe fifth and last community card
7. Callto match or raise a bet to continue playing
8. Checkto pass a betting round without placing a bet
9. Raiseto bet more than minumum required ammount
10. Foldto forfeit your place in the current pot and loose your bet
11. Pairtwo matching cards
12. Three of a Kind (Trips)three cards of the same value but different suits
13. Straightfive cards in sequence
14. Flushfive same siut-cards that are not in sequence
15. Straight Flushfive cards on sequence and of the same suit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play online poker in Saudi Arabia?

You can play online poker in Saudi Arabia on secure foreign poker sites. Use a VPN and anonymous payment methods to stay safe and protected.

What are the best sites for online poker?

The best sites for online poker for Arabic players are YYY Casino, Galactic Wins, Betandyou, and Lucky Dreams Casino.

What poker sites allow VPN?

Jackpot City Casino, BC.Game Casino, and Betwinner Casino allow VPN.

Can you trust online poker?

Yes, you can trust online poker if you play at a reputable site with a gambling license and top security measures.

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