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Best Bookmakers In Kuwait 2024


Finding the best bookmakers in Kuwait can be challenging, requiring careful consideration of certain features. 

This article provides insights on identifying top bookmakers, tips for safe betting, and highlights various game options and bonuses available on these websites.

 Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the world of online betting and maximize your winning potential.

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Numa Jabara
Numa Jabara
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Best Betting Sites In Kuwait 2024

Top 3 Betting Sites in Kuwait

In recent times, there have been regulatory bodies for bookmakers that guide them and ensure that you, the player, are in safe hands. Here are the top 3 betting sites for  betting fans.

Our most favoured Kuwaiti bookmaker for January 2024 is mr.play. mr.play is the top choice with its extensive selection of sports, user-friendly interface, offering various first-time deposit promotions and rewards its customers with profitable bonuses.  

How Do We Rate the Bookmakers in Kuwait?

For a bookmaker to be qualified as top-rated, we examine its features and services thoroughly. By looking out for the most important features among bookmakers and online casinos in Kuwait, we are able to provide players with a list of bookmakers that offer top-notch services.

So, before you create an account with an online bookmaker in Kuwait, take a look at the factors that we consider to be the most important.

Licensed and Regulated Betting Sites

Online betting has become a large venture over time, and its popularity has also made it ideal for incidents like fraud and scams. To avoid falling victim, it is essential to gamble at only licensed sites to ensure a safe and secure game environment.

A betting license serves as proof that a betting site has been properly vetted by a regulatory body and has been approved to offer its services to the public. The presence of a license from a renowned authority confirms that the bookmaker’s services offered are up to standard.

While gambling isn’t permitted in Kuwait, you can register at international betting sites regulated by gambling regulators like International Gaming Regulatory Authorities, Gambling Commission, or Malta Gambling Authority.

With a licensed betting sites, you are less exposed to the risk of losing your money, so we always place a license at the top of the crucial factors when rating a bookmaker.


Good betting sites are always equipped with SSL encryption to ensure that your data is protected, without any access given to third parties. An encrypted site is also less likely to be affected by cases of fraud or cyber-attacks.

Top-notch site encryption is a great way to authenticate a betting site's identity, proving that it is safe and here to stay. It also shows that there'd be no exploitation of players in one way or another through altered information.

Public Reviews

Public opinion is another great way to confirm the legitimacy of a betting site. Especially with the high multitude of bookmakers offering services to players in Kuwait and other Arab countries.

Asides from checking for a betting site’s license, you should also check reviews written about the bookmaker by players who have used the bookmaker’s platform. A reputable online betting site is expected to have excellent customer reviews.

We use sites like Trustpilot and Reddit as sources for finding what the general public thinks about a bookmaker.

Betting Options

One sign of a good bookmaker is that they provide high-quality gaming experiences for players that use their site. So, you should look out for bookmakers that have a large number of interesting games in their catalog for you to choose from.

Is Online Betting in Kuwait Legal?

As in many other Arabic countries, all forms of gambling, including online betting, are illegal in Kuwait and are considered criminal offenses. The Kuwaiti government strictly prohibits individuals from online betting, and the penalties for violating the law can be severe, including imprisonment and fines.

Despite the governmental restrictions, people in Kuwait still engage in online betting activities by placing bets with international bookmakers while using VPNs for secure, unrestricted access.

How to Bet Safely in Kuwait?

As mentioned above, betting is prohibited by law in Kuwait, with the possibility of prosecution if caught. It can get complicated if a Kuwaiti player wants to bet since there are no legal casinos, lotteries, or gambling regulatory bodies in the country.

So, players in Kuwait have to take extra measures to bet safely, and there are Kuwaiti players doing so successfully at the moment. Online sports betting is one of the most common avenues in Kuwait, and cricket betting is a fan favorite.

Since there is no legal framework for international gambling sites, Kuwait's online betting winnings are not taxed. Learn how to best safely in Kuwait.

Use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

When you want to bet online in Kuwait, a VPN is an essential tool. A VPN is necessary to gain access to international betting websites because the authorities in Kuwait often restrict people from visiting online betting sites.

VPNs work by masking your IP address, location, and search history to avoid being tracked by websites or internet service providers. A VPN creates a bypass to let you access websites safely and anonymously.

By changing your device’s internet address, a VPN gives access to geo-blocked content and avoids censorship when in use. And don't forget to choose among trustworthy Arabic crypto casinos to avoid any issues. 

Discreet Banking Methods

Since gambling transactions are illegal in Kuwait, you need discreet banking methods to keep your transactions private and confidential.

Here’s why a top-notch banking method is a must-have.

  • Security: Transactions are protected from hacking, fraud, and other threats.

  • Anonymity: Your transactions and personal information can be kept anonymous, reducing the risk of identity theft and the possibility of financial fraud.

  • Avoidance of Restrictions: Discreet banking methods can help users avoid government restrictions, such as capital controls or other financial regulations.

For depositing and withdrawing money safely in Kuwait and other gambling-restricted countries, cryptocurrency is the best choice. Crypto coins are decentralized, and crypto transactions are fast and untraceable, helping you stay safe.

E-wallets like PayPal and Neteller are your second-best option. Using your bank card to transact with a gambling site is not recommended since the transactions can be tracked with ease.

How To Register At A Betting Site In Kuwait?

To register at a betting site in Kuwait, there are some important, simple steps that you need to follow, which we have highlighted below.

  • Visit a Bookmaker Site:

To begin betting online in Kuwait, you first need to identify the bookmaker that you’d like to wager with. Once you choose a bookmaker to wager with, visit their website so you can start your account registration process.

  • Complete a Registration Form:

Click on the “Sign Up”, “Register”, or “Join Us” button on your preferred site’s homepage.

  • Fill Out Personal Information:

Enter your personal information, including your name, email address, and date of birth. Some betting sites are required by law to request these details for reasons such as verification failure or illegal age registration.

  • Create a Username and Password:

Choose a unique username and password to protect your account.

  • Provide Payment Information:

To fund your account, provide your payment information, such as your credit card or e-wallet details.

  • Verify Your Account:

Verify your account by clicking on a link sent to your email or through a verification code sent to your phone. After verification, log in using the username and password you’ve previously created.

  • Complete the Registration Process:

After verifying your account, make your first deposit and claim your welcome bonus if there’s one. You can then begin to place your bet and earn your winnings.

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Best Betting Bonuses In Kuwait

With online betting increasing and becoming more popular, bookmakers that cater to players in Kuwait have different bonuses available to entice their players. There are many generous bonuses to look out for at online betting sites, each with its unique requirements and rewards.

Here, we’d be looking at the best betting bonuses in Kuwait and how to earn them.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a cash bonus offered to players after completing the sign-up process and depositing money into their betting account. The usual value of a deposit bonus is a percentage of the amount that you deposit.

No-Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is one of the best online casino bonuses as it doesn’t require you to spend your money. Many betting sites that pay real money leverage this bonus option to attract new players. A no-deposit bonus can come in different forms, like free spins or cash rewards.

However, no-deposit bonuses come with higher restrictions and higher wagering requirements alongside bonus conditions that must be met before withdrawing winnings.

Free Spins

A free spin is a bonus type that allows you to play spin-dependent games without needing to use your money. Free spins have no monetary value but there’s a possibility that they could produce handsome payouts.

Free spins might be handed out regularly to returning players or as a welcome bonus for new players. Although some betting sites have wagering requirements for free spins, some others offer wager-free spins.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are a great way to reward long-time casino members after exceeding certain milestones. These programs have many benefits, from lowering wagering requirements to increased odds.

To benefit from a loyalty program at an online betting site, you need to be a regular player who constantly wagers and deposits. These loyalty programs can also offer important rewards like a cashback offer.

Reload Bonus

Like loyalty bonuses, reload bonuses are offered to players who have previously made numerous deposits at these betting sites.

Reload bonuses are diverse such that they can be granted in different scenarios. A reload bonus can be linked to a certain payment method or multiple rewards on previous deposits made.

Just like many bonus offers, reload bonuses have specific rules usually laid out in the terms and conditions of online betting sites.

No Wagering Bonus

A no-wagering bonus is offered to players without any wagering requirements attached to it. While a no-wagering bonus might not be very common among bookmakers, it is one of the best opportunities for a player to withdraw without the need to wager their bonus or have their cash prize deducted.

Cashback Bonus

This bonus type depends on the total number of deposits made and the generosity of the online betting site that you are playing with. In most cases, a cashback bonus awards you a certain percentage of the bets placed within a given period.

However, you must be a high roller or an active player for a while before becoming eligible for this reward.

Betting Bonus Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are conditions online gambling sites in Kuwait and other parts of the world impose on bonuses and rewards. To claim a bonus at online betting sites, you must first meet the wagering rules and criteria set by the bookmaker. This requirement is necessary to prevent players from abusing bonus offers.

Wagering requirements usually vary among casinos. While some online gambling sites have wagering requirements of 50x or more, some have less than 30x. After betting according to the wagering requirements and winning, you can then withdraw your earnings.

Most Popular Sports In Kuwait

Kuwait is a country that enjoys a wide range of sports activities and has a long history of sporting traditions dating back to the early 20th century.

Over the years, there’s been a series of notable events in the history of Kuwaiti sports. In the 1940s, the first sports clubs were formed in Kuwait, including Al-Arabi and Al-Qadsia football clubs.

The country has also participated in several Olympic games as well as Asian games and the Gulf War impact.

Since the 1970s and 1980s, Kuwait has heavily invested in developing sports infrastructures like new stadiums and sports facilities. Love for sport in this country reflects the Kuwaiti’s sports books and bookmakers. Let’s take a look at sports to bet on at online Kuwait betting sites:


Football, the team sport played between two teams of 11 players, is the most popular sport in Kuwait. The game has since 1989 been regulated by the Kuwait Football Association and has been the champion of the Asian Cups.

Many of the best football betting sites in Kuwait offer odds on the Premier League, where top football teams like Kuwait SC and Al-Arabi compete yearly.

To place a football betting bet, find a desirable bookmaker for you and sign up. After, make a deposit and claim your bonus to proceed. You can choose your favorite teams and place your bets on the available odds.

To get the best odds, compare multiple sports books, check pre-match odds, and take advantage of matched and arbitrage betting.


Basketball is also a popular sport in Kuwait, with the Kuwait Basketball Association being the governing body. The country has a national basketball team that competes in international competitions, along with several local basketball leagues and tournaments.

Kuwait also has a domestic basketball setup, with the Kuwaiti Division I Basketball League representing the highest level of play in the country.

Different online betting sites offer the opportunity to wager on basketball games when they are in season. All you have to do is find a suitable online betting site in Kuwait, create an account, make a deposit, and make your bets.


Handball is a competitive team sport where two teams of seven players pass a ball around to get a win over the opposing team, and it is currently one of the most popular sports in Kuwait.

Handball has widespread influence across the world and a lot of betting enthusiasts select handball games to place bets on.

With the right bookmakers, handball betting can be fun and lucrative. Kuwait has also recorded success in the handball game at different levels and continues to soar as one of the best teams on the continent.


Cricket is a bat and ball game that is played between two teams of eleven players. Kuwait has grown in international cricket over the years, attending the World Cricket League events over the past decade.

The best online betting sites in Kuwait allow you to bet on test matches across the globe in competitions like the T20 competitions and the ICC Cricket World Cup.


Archery is a sport that requires being skilled at using bows to shoot arrows. It is a competitive and recreational activity that previously originated from hunting and combat years ago. The Kuwait Shooting Federation was founded in 1983 and has been a member of the World’s Archery Member Associations since 2011.

Online bookmakers in Kuwait have included archery tournaments in sports bettings to improve betting involvement. To properly place an archery bet, you should have adequate knowledge of the sport to predict the possible result.

Several factors, like knowing an archer’s mental preparedness, ranking, and experience in playing at major competitions, can influence these results.

Most Secure Payment Methods for Betting In Kuwait

The most secure payment methods are:

Digital Wallet (E-Wallet)

A digital wallet is a secure money management platform that allows you to make transactions, usually through apps. Digital wallets provide high security and efficiency, making them some of the most secure payment options to opt for.

Today, e-wallets are also sought-after as payment methods for betting sites. Acting as a bridge between your chosen betting site and bank, digital wallets add extra layers of security, including using an SSL encryption system to protect user data. They also support different currencies and provide players with instant deposits and a certain level of anonymity.

For you to deposit and withdraw between your betting account and your e-wallet account, you need to create an account with the e-wallet provider. Next, you need to fund your e-wallet using your preferred payment method - this could be either your debit card or a bank transfer.

Some popular digital wallet payment apps that you can use in Kuwait include Skrill, Gcash, Neteller, and Paypal.


Over the years, cryptocurrency has witnessed a rapid rise in terms of market cap and total users. Cryptocurrency has succeeded in making people embrace the use of virtual currency and is currently the best payment method for online gambling.

It's no surprise that online betting sites have adopted cryptocurrency for payments, as it provides round-the-clock availability and a lot of other benefits.

Cryptocurrency uses decentralization technology, making it difficult for fraudulent casinos and betting sites to cheat players. As such, it is widely considered the most secure payment method.

Cryptocurrency also stores players' money in blockchains, making it impossible to hack and providing the leverage of being completely anonymous. Decentralization prevents third parties from accessing virtual money that is stored in crypto wallets.

To process money using crypto as payment when betting, all you need to do is open and fund a crypto wallet, link your betting site account to the wallet, and make a deposit.

Debit/Credit Cards

Due to universal acceptance worldwide by bettors and online sites, debit and credit cards are perhaps the most accessible payment methods.

Bank cards are very convenient for players in Kuwait to make deposits and withdrawals when gambling online. Unfortunately, bank cards are not a great choice for safety and anonymity since the authorities can easily trace or block a betting transaction done through your bank.

Prepaid Cards and Vouchers

Prepaid cards are similar to e-wallets, and they provide impressive privacy and stand out as one of the safest and most secure payment methods to use while betting.

All you need to do is purchase a prepaid card and use the provided number to make online deposits. Safest prepaid cards are Paysafecard and Neosurf.

Improved betting platform structures employ strict security measures and standards for safe gaming and can reduce the risk of fraud or compromising personal data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online betting legal in Kuwait?

No, online betting is not legal in Kuwait. However, Kuwaiti players can use international online bookmakers to place their bets.

Are there mobile betting apps in Kuwait?

Yes, the best online bookmakers have mobile betting apps for Kuwaiti players and these apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Can I deposit funds in Kuwaiti dinar?

Yes, you can deposit funds in Kuwaiti dinar. Some online betting sites allow transactions in several foreign currency options.

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