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Online Video Poker Casinos for Arab Players 2024

Among the numerous online casino sites available today, Arab players can find suitable platforms to play Video Poker and many other casino games.

Our guide to online Video Poker in Arab countries in 2024 will educate you on the best Video Poker sites and how to play safely.

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What Is the Best Online Video Poker Site 2024?

7 of the best Online Video Poker sites in 2024 are:

  • YYY Casino

  • Lucky Dreams Casino

  • JackpotCity Casino

  • Betwinner Casino

  • Stake Casino

  • Shangri La Casino

  • 20Bet Casino.

The best online Video Poker sites 2024 offer top services to players including diverse variations of casino games, comprehensive rewards from a VIP program, quick payments, and a convenient mobile app.

How We Rate and Review Online Video Poker Sites

We rate and review online Video Poker sites using criteria like licensing, security, and fairness. The trustworthiness of online Video Poker sites is important because players need reliable sites.

  • Check the license and security level:

Every online casino needs a license before we can consider it to be trustworthy. Its website needs to have high-grade security protection like SSL encryption. Licensing and security carry the most weight when rating trustworthiness.

  • Confirm the fairness of the casino’s games:

Trustworthy Video Poker sites use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to maintain random outcomes of Video Poker games ensuring fairness for players. The fairness of the games is almost as important as the site security and licensing mentioned above.

  • Read reviews from players:

We use reviews from players on websites like Trustpilot to evaluate the trustworthiness of a Video Poker site. Player reviews are important because they give us an idea of what a casino’s operation looks like.

Free vs Real Money Video Poker

Casinos offer demo versions of games like Video Poker, allowing gambling enthusiasts to play for free. To help you decide whether free or real money Video Poker is best for you, we have explained the pros and cons of each type of Video Poker below.

Free Video Poker

You can learn game rules without riskYou can only access a few games
You can test game variants for freeCasinos often limit free playing time
There’s no need to process paymentsThere are no bonuses or VIP perks
You can practice game strategies

Real Money Video Poker

You can enjoy bonuses and VIP perksYou’re at risk of losing real money
The excitement of winning real moneyPlayers can get addicted
Unlimited access to casino games

To play real money Video Poker, you need to create an account with the Video Poker site. Then, deposit some money and begin playing.

Best Video Poker Bonuses and Promotions

4 of the best Video Poker Bonuses and Promotions are Deposit Bonuses, No-Deposit Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, and Loyalty/VIP Programs. Online casinos offer interesting bonuses and promotions to fans of Video Poker, including old and new players, as explained below.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a welcome package that new players receive from a Video Poker site for joining the platform. A deposit bonus is often a matched percentage of a player’s first deposit and can include free spins.

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No-Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, players receive a no-deposit bonus without needing to deposit money. After your account is funded with a no-deposit bonus, you can use it to play games and then withdraw winnings after you meet the wagering requirements.

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Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a type of deposit bonus that is meant for existing customers and it is given as a matched percentage of their deposit. The main benefit of a reload bonus is that it rewards players with free money for playing games.

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Loyalty Scheme VIP Casinos

Loyalty scheme VIP casinos recognize high-stakes players for playing big and grant them special perks including dedicated account managers, free gifts and exclusive bonuses.

4 popular casino VIP programs are: Lucky Dreams VIP Program (VIP benefits include cash bonuses and welcome bonuses for the VIP levels), Stake Casino VIP Club (the VIP perks include level-up bonuses, rakeback, weekly bonuses, and monthly bonuses, JackpotCity VIP Club (VIP members enjoy exclusive bonuses, invitations to events, and personal support, and 20Bet Casino VIP Program (some VIP rewards are free spins, cash rewards of up to €100,000, and priority customer support).

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Video Poker Variants In Online Casinos

5 popular Video Poker variants at online casinos are:

  1. Jacks or Better

  2. Deuces Wild

  3. Joker Poker

  4. Double Bonus Poker, and

  5. Aces and Faces.

Each Video Poker variant has special rules and features, as explained below.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is one of the most popular variants of Video Poker and it is common in both real and online casinos. The objective of Jacks or Better is to get at least a pair of Jacks, which pays out 1x. Other outcomes have different payouts as shown in the pay table below.

Royal Flush250x
Straight Flush50x
Four of a Kind25x
Full House9x
Three of a Kind3x
Two Pair2x
Jacks or Better1x

Note that the pay table is different for some Jacks or Better games. Some Jacks or Better games have progressive jackpots with high potential winnings.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is variant of Online Video Poker that has similar rules and features to regular Video Poker but the main difference is that the deuces (2s) are wild cards. The wild card role means that a deuce can act as any card, enabling you to get a better hand.

One advantage of Deuces Wild is the high player odds. Full Pay Deuces Wild has an RTP of 100.76%, making it one of the best Video Poker variants.

Joker Poker

Joker Poker is a simple Video Poker variant with a special twist. Instead of a regular 52-card deck, Joker Poker has an extra card, the Joker card, making 53 cards in total. The presence of the Joker card results in a unique pay table for Joker Poker.

When cards are distributed in Joker Poker, the minimum winning hand is usually a pair of Kings or Aces (Kings or Better). Joker Poker is common at online poker tournaments where players compete against each other for a prize pool.

Other Online Video Poker Variants

There are other Online Video Poker variants that you can explore at Arabic casinos, emphasizing how diverse video poker is. The most popular 6 variants are:

  1. Double Bonus Poker

  2. Aces and Faces

  3. All American Poker

  4. Progressive Jackpot Video Poker

  5. Multi-Hand Video Poker

  6. Super Times Pay.

Among the variants listed above, Double Bonus Poker has the best odds. Aces and Faces and All American Poker are based on Jacks or Better, but they have 2 individual differences:

  1. In Aces and Faces, you get a higher payout for Four of a Kind hands (Aces or Face cards).

  2. In All American Poker, you get a higher payout for Straight, Flush, and Straight Flush hands and a lower payout for Full House and Two Pair hands.

In Progressive Jackpot Video Poker, a prize pool accumulates until a player hits Royal Flush. Multi-Hand Video Poker lets you play multiple hands at once while in Super Times Pay, you can activate a random payout multiplier by paying for a 6th coin.

Is it Safe to Play Online Video Poker?

You can stay safe when playing Online Video Poker despite the legal aspects of gambling in Arab countries, with the aid of VPNs and safe banking methods.

Legal Aspects of Online Video Poker in Arabic Countries

Many Arabic countries depend on Sharia law, which declares gambling to be a sin. However, some Arabic-speaking countries like Lebanon and Tunisia are not extremely strict against some forms of gambling like lotteries, sports betting, and land-based casinos.


A VPN can help you gamble safely by giving you a new IP address and securing the data you share with an online casino. Some notable VPN providers are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Windscribe.

Secure Payment Methods

Players in Arab countries can deposit and withdraw money anonymously with the aid of secure payment methods. The most anonymous payment methods for Arab players are popular cryptocurrencies, followed by prepaid cards (eVouchers) and eWallets.

How to Win at Online Video Poker

You can win at Online Video Poker by following these 6 steps:

  1. Choose the right Video Poker game with a high RTP.

  2. Play demo versions to gain experience.

  3. Learn Video Poker odds and hand rankings.

  4. Choose safe and anonymous payments.

  5. Bankroll management can improve your winning strategy.

  6. Gamble responsibly and use pre-set betting limits.

Video Poker Terminology

Video Poker Hands

  • Royal Flush:

A hand containing 10, Aces, Jack, King, and Queen of the same suit.

  • Straight Flush:

Five consecutive cards of the same suit.

  • Four of a Kind:

Four same-value cards of different suits.

  • Full House:

A combination of a Pair and Three of a Kind.

  • Flush:

Five cards of the same suit, but not in order.

  • Straight:

Five consecutive cards of different ranks.

  • Three of a Kind:

Three cards of the same rank.

  • Two Pair:

Two card pairs, with each pair being of different ranks.

  • Jacks or Better:

A hand containing a Pair of Jacks.

  • Pair:

Two matching cards.

Other Video Poker Terms

  • Bankroll:

A player’s budget for a Video Poker game.

  • Draw:

Selecting new cards to replace cards from your initial hand.

  • Hold:

Choosing cards from your initial hand that you want to retain.

  • Max Bet:

The highest amount that a Video Poker game allows you to bet on a hand.

  • Min Bet:

The lowest amount that a Video Poker game allows for a hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best version of Video Poker?

Double bonus is the best version of Video Poker, as it has the highest odds among Video Poker variants.

Can I play Video Poker online for real money?

Yes, you can play Video Poker online for real money at a trusted Video Poker site.

What are the best sites for online Video Poker?

Some of the best sites for online Video Poker are YYY Casino, Lucky Dreams Casino, JackpotCity Casino, and Betwinner Casino.

What Video Poker sites allow VPN?

Most Video Poker sites allow players to use VPNs, including names like Stake Casino, Shangri La Casino, and 20Bet Casino.

Can you trust online Video Poker?

Yes, you can trust online Video Poker if you play at a legitimate online casino that has a license and fair games.

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