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Online Sic Bo Casinos For Arabic Players 2024

Sic Bo is a gambling game of Chinese origin that is played with three dice where players bet on the possible outcomes of a dice roll.

Sic Bo bets typically include rolling a specific number, a certain total of the resulting numbers, and specific dice combinations.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need about Sic Bo and how to evade the online gambling regulations in Gulf countries.

Our guide contains tips on finding the top online Sic Bo casino sites in Arab countries.

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What Are The Best Sic Bo Sites In 2024?

6 of the best Sic Bo sites are:

  • YYY Casino

  • AxeCasino

  • Galactic Wins

  • Lucky Dreams

  • Betandyou

  • BC.Game

  • Shangri La.

Our best Sic Bo online casinos have up-to-date gaming licenses, strict security measures, quick payments, compliance with fairness requirements, and a VIP program. Other features are efficient customer support, a mobile application, bonuses and promotions, and diverse variations.

How We Rate And Review Sic Bo Sites

We rate and review Sic Bo sites by examining the licensing, fairness, security, and user feedback. Find out more about how we evaluate each of the 4 factors listed below.

  • Confirm the site’s license:
    A reputable online casino must hold a license from a well-known gaming regulator, such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. A valid license is the most crucial factor we take into account while rating the trustworthiness of Sic Bo sites.

  • Evaluate the security:
    Security features like SSL encryption, automatic timeouts, and anti-fraud tools are essential for keeping players secure when they use secured online casinos. We give a lot of weight to the security level at an online casino during our review process.

  • Assess the fairness of the games:
    Since casino games are based on chance, we expect reliable casinos to employ Random Number Generators for random and fair outcomes in the game of Sic Bo. After security and license, the fairness of Sic Bo games comes in third place.

  • View player feedback:
    Using reviews from Reddit and Trustpilot, we examine what players have to say about an online Sic Bo site as part of our assessment process. Positive player reviews help us determine the reliability of an online Sic Bo website.

Free Vs Real Money Online Sic Bo

Gambling sites provide demo versions of casino games such as Sic Bo, so that players can practice for free. The pros and cons of each kind of Sic Bo are discussed below to assist you in determining which is better for you: free or real money Sic Bo.

Online Sic Bo Pros And Cons

Free Sic Bo

Fun game versions are available for free testingThere are just a few free games available
Learn the game rules risk-freeMost casinos have time limits on free play
Processing payments is not requiredBonuses and VIP benefits not available

Players can play free Sic Bo without having to register for an account. Choose a demo game and begin playing as soon as you arrive at the casino’s website.

Real Money Sic Bo

Win Sic Bo games and withdraw real moneyYour bankroll may suffer if you lose real money
Unrestricted access to available casino gamesPlayers can develop an addiction
Real money Sic Bo has no time limit
Bonuses and VIP benefits are available

When you go to a real money Sic Bo site, you need to register with the casino by providing your details and depositing using one of the accepted payment methods. After creating an account and funding it, you can begin playing Sic Bo for real money.

In real money Sic Bo, you can choose to against real players in the live casino version of the game.

How Do You Play Sic Bo?

You play Sic Bo by betting on the possible outcomes from a three-dice roll before the dice are rolled. If the result of the dice roll corresponds to your bet, then you win.

Along with other casino games, online Sic Bo is prohibited in Arabic countries.

As a result of legal restrictions on online Sic Bo, gambling fans in Arabic countries need to use instant, safe banking services as well as private, secure VPNs.

A handful of Arabic nations allow different kinds of gambling. For example, real casinos in Tunisia are exclusive to visitors from other countries while sports betting and lotteries are legal in Lebanon and Morocco.

Sic Bo Gameplay

Here’s a detailed guide to the gameplay of online Sic Bo:

  • At the start of a Sic Bo game, players buy chips and use them to bet on the scoring boxes on the Sic Bo table.

  • The dealer rolls the dice and reveals the outcome of the roll.

  • You get a win for every number that you predict correctly. The payout from Sic Bo bets depends on the bet type.

Types of Sic Bo Bets

Big/Small Bets

The Big and Small bets are wagers that predict whether the sum of the dice roll will fall within a specific range of numbers. In a Big bet, a player bets that the total will be between 11 and 17. In a Small bet, a player bets that the total will be between 4 and 10.

The payout for Big and Small bets is 1:1. You lose a Big/Small bet if you get a Triple, which is the same number on all three dice.

Total Sum

The Sum bet predicts the exact number that the total sum of the dice roll will be. The payout varies for different sums, as shown in the table below.

Total Sum💰Payout💸
4, 1760:1
5, 1630:1
6, 1517:1
7, 1412:1
8, 138:1
9, 10, 11, 126:1

Single or One of a Kind

The Single bet predicts a specific number that will appear on one or more of the dice. The payout is:

  • 1:1 if the number appears on one die

  • 2:1 if the number appears on two dice

  • 3:1 if the number appears on one die.

Two of a Kind (Specific Double)

A bet that a specific number will appear on at least two of the dice. The payout is 10:1.

Three of a Kind (Specific Triple)

A bet that a specific number will appear on all three dice. The payout is 180:1

Duo (Two Dice Combination)

A bet that predicts the numbers on two dice. The payout is 6:1.

All Three (Any Triple)

A bet that all three dice will have the same number, without predicting what the specific number will be. The payout is 30:1.

What Is The Best Strategy For Sic Bo?

The ideal strategy for playing online Sic Bo is to manage your bankroll well and to use safe VPN service providers.


Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short, is an internet service that enhances the level of online security for internet users when accessing websites. A VPN service is a great option if you wish to play Sic Bo anonymously at online casinos.

Your device's original IP address will be replaced with a new one when you activate a VPN. Your device will become difficult to trace due to the change in IP address. This is advantageous for Arabic gamblers since it enables them to play online casino games anonymously.

Another function that a VPN performs is adding a layer of encryption to secure the data transferred between a device and a website. This allows you to enter your personal information on an online gambling site without worrying about it being accessed by a third party.

Utilizing private VPNs is possible by following 5-step guide:

  • Choose a VPN service provider:

Before you select a VPN service provider, verify that the company you are considering has a track record of offering top-notch services.

  • Download the VPN app:

Set up the VPN application on your gadget. Both PCs and mobile devices can use VPN software.

  • Join the VPN service provider:

To use a VPN on your device, most VPN providers require you to first register an account.

  • Get a VPN plan:

In the event that the VPN service you've selected requires payment, you will need to purchase a plan. After registration, VPN services typically provide a free trial that can run for days or weeks.

  • Switch on the VPN:

Select your desired virtual location on the VPN software, then activate it to begin playing safely.

Arabic players can choose following 3 excellent VPN software providers: NordVPN, Windscribe, and ExpressVPN.

Secure Payment Methods

Secure payment methods help players deposit and withdraw money with speed and safety. If you wish to ensure the security of your online gambling transactions, secure payment options come in handy. Three of the safest methods for Arabic players to make payments are:

Payment Method💳Examples🚀
CryptocurrenciesBitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether
Prepaid Cards or E-vouchersMiFinity, Paysafecard, Neosurf
E-walletsMuchBetter, Skrill, Neteller

If you wish to utilize cryptocurrencies for online gambling, be sure to play at top arabic crypto casinos that accept cryptocurrency payments. Make sure you review the terms and conditions page to find out the limits and fees associated with the different payment options.

Here are a few helpful tips for choosing secure banking solutions.

  • To guarantee the security of your transactions, make sure the banking method is encrypted.

  • To hide your identity, make sure the payment method is anonymous.

  • Make sure the payment option allows for speedy withdrawal and deposit times.

Pre-set betting limits, self-exclusion, and other responsible gambling practices are essential for players, helping them to avoid addiction and manage losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Play Sic Bo Online For Real Money?

Yes, you can play Sic Bo online for real money at a reliable online casino with a secure site and a verifiable gambling license.

What Is The Best Strategy For Sic Bo?

The best strategy for Sic Bo is to place Big and Small bets often, as they have the highest odds of winning.

Are Sic Bo Sites Rigged?

No, the best Sic Bo sites are not rigged. Legitimate Sic Bo casinos utilize Random Number Generators to guarantee fair outcomes.

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