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Best Online Casino Payment Methods For Arab Players In 2024

Gambling enthusiasts face a tough decision when looking for a payment method that is fast, secure, and available in their country.

This decision is even tougher for Arab players because of the need for anonymous payment methods that protect players in gambling-restricted countries.

Our guide below will show you the best online casino payment methods for Arab players in 2024 and the features that make them stand out. Other sections of our guide cover top online casinos with great payment methods and instruct you on depositing and withdrawing money safely.

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Numa Jabara
Numa Jabara
Fact checked by Ehsan Gamal

Best Online Casino Payment Methods For Arab Players In 2024

Logo image for Bitcoin


Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and it is a common payment method at online casinos that cater to Arab players. Bitcoin is excellent for conducting deposits and withdrawals because it is fast, free, and anonymous.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are decentralized, meaning that no authority regulates Bitcoin transactions. Decentralization is a positive feature for Arab players since you can use Bitcoin to transact with an online casino while hiding your identity from the authorities.

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Logo image for Ethereum


Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, and many online casinos accept it for gambling transactions. Like Bitcoin above and other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum has the advantage of speed and anonymity.

The main disadvantage of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is that their value can change anytime. Another issue with crypto transactions is that they cannot be reversed if mistakes occur.

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Logo image for Paypal


PayPal is well-known for processing fast and safe payments, and it is currently one of the most widely used e-wallets in the world. PayPal is partially anonymous because it lets you transact with an online casino without sharing your direct banking details.

Some casinos for Arab players adopt PayPal as a means of transaction, and it is easy and convenient to operate. To deposit or withdraw using PayPal, a player simply needs to log in to their PayPal account and complete the transaction.

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Logo image for Neteller


Neteller has made a name for itself as one of the easiest e-wallets to operate, and it is currently available at most online casinos for Arab players. Neteller began its operation in 1999, and its services enable Arab players to deposit and withdraw anonymously.

Neteller accepts players from multiple Arab countries, including Morocco, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, and Tunisia. In addition to its e-wallet service, the platform provides virtual and physical prepaid cards for online transactions.

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Logo image for Skrill


Skrill is a well-secured e-wallet that uses security measures like two-factor authentication and SSL encryption to protect customer finances. As an Arab player, you can use Skrill to deposit and withdraw money at most online gambling platforms.

Skrill has a unique VIP program that rewards customers with special benefits for making transactions. Skrill's VIP perks include lower transaction fees, increased transaction limits, a personal account manager, and invitations to exclusive events.

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Logo image for Mifinity


MiFinity is a top e-wallet service provider at online casino sites known for low transaction fees, speedy processing time, security measures, and payment flexibility. Currently, over 650 online casinos have adopted MiFinity for deposits and withdrawals.

MiFinity accepts players from numerous countries worldwide, including several Arab countries. The MiFinity e-wallet was originally developed for online gambling sites, and casinos typically offer special bonuses for players who use MiFinity for transactions.

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Logo image for Credit cards

Credit Cards

Credit cards are among the most reliable payment methods for online gambling because of their perfect encryption protocol that safeguards users. When transacting with credit cards, you are certain of safety and access to dependable customer support.

Credit card deposits are instantaneous, even though withdrawals take a while due to verification procedures. The main drawback of credit cards for Arab players is that they are not anonymous, and some Arabian banks block transactions with gambling sites.

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MuchBetter is an e-wallet that provides quick payments with low transfer fees for players looking to transact with an online casino. The platform utilizes safety features such as proper authentication to protect players from fraud and other illegal activities.

MuchBetter enables Arab players to deposit and withdraw money anonymously. Anonymity is necessary for players to stay safe in gambling-restricted countries. Other advantages of MuchBetter are smooth peer-to-peer transactions and great currency exchange rates.

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Logo image for CoinsPaid


Coinspaid is a payment system that caters to individuals and businesses who wish to transact using cryptocurrencies. With Coinspaid, Arab players can send and receive cryptocurrencies while enjoying speed, safety, and reduced transaction fees.

The cryptocurrencies available at Coinspaid include top coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Ripple. Coinspaid further accepts the storage of fiat currencies like Euros, Dollars, and Pounds and enables conversion between crypto and fiat currencies.

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Logo image for WebMoney


WebMoney is a global e-wallet that has been functional since 1998 and provides safe online transactions to millions of customers worldwide. WebMoney is a versatile platform that allows you to fund your wallet using several payment options.

When using WebMoney to gamble, you do not need to share your personal information with a casino, and this is perfect for Arab players who need anonymity. WebMoney supports fast deposits, and reliable authentication methods protect all transactions.

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Image for Payz


Recently renamed Payz, ecoPayz is an outstanding e-wallet company that began operating in 2000 and has since expanded its services to over 200 countries. ecoPayz is commonly used at online casinos to fund gambling accounts and withdraw winnings.

The benefits of using ecoPayz include security, as the platform does not share your information with third parties. ecoPayz processes deposits and withdrawals quickly and allows players to transact several currencies with one account.

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Logo image for Visa


VISA is a credit card used to make various online payments, including online gambling payments. VISA has a remarkable level of security that ensures that its users make payments without being vulnerable to cyber attacks or internet fraud.

Arab players can take advantage of the fast deposits available at VISA and the dependable customer support service. VISA is not anonymous, and this is a disadvantage for players who need to hide their identity when gambling online.

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Logo image for MasterCard


MasterCard is a notable credit card that gambling enthusiasts use for deposits and withdrawals at online gambling platforms. Besides being accepted at almost all online casinos, MasterCard has the advantage of adequate protection from theft and fraud.

The issue with MasterCard is that it does not offer the level of anonymity that some Arab players need when gambling online.

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Perfect Money

Perfect Money

Perfect Money is an e-wallet established in 2007 and currently serves as an ideal payment method for online gamblers. The advantages of using Perfect Money are speedy transactions, security measures, and multiple currency options.

Two things to note about Perfect Money are that it is not available in many online casinos, and there are often withdrawal fees.

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The best casinos in the above list are reliable, secure, and, most importantly, available to Arab players.

Best Online Casinos Payment Methods Features

The features of the best online casino payment methods include availability, processing times, security, and transaction fees. Below is an explanation of why each feature is important for online casino payment methods.

Availability and Accessibility

A payment method needs to be available in many countries for it to be considered a good option for online gambling. Universal payment methods like e-wallets are available in most countries but are occasionally restricted in some Arab countries.

For example, PayPal and Neteller do not offer their service to players in Iran and Libya. Before you consider using a payment method for online gambling, ensure that it is available to players in your country so you can use it conveniently.

Security and Reliability

The best online casino payment methods have high-security levels so players can use them safely. Security measures such as anti-fraud systems, secure payment gateways, and encryption protocols are important features that make payment methods reliable.

Apart from security, Arab players need payment methods that offer anonymous transactions so players can gamble online without revealing their identity. Cryptocurrencies hide your identity better than e-wallets, but credit/debit cards and bank transfers are easy to trace.

Transaction Fees

Payment methods typically charge a transaction fee, and the exact value of the transaction fee varies across different payment methods. If a transaction involves converting from one currency to the other, there is usually a higher transaction fee because of the currency exchange.

As a player, you need to prioritize payment methods with low transaction fees so that you can deposit and withdraw without a fee that will negatively affect your bankroll.

Processing Times

The time taken to deposit and withdraw money is another factor affecting the quality of online casinos' payment methods. Deposits often process quickly, but withdrawals are typically slower, taking up to several days, depending on the method.

Methods like cryptocurrencies and e-wallets are fast for withdrawals, making them ideal for players who want speedy transactions. On the other hand, bank transfers are slow, sometimes taking up to several days to process.

Top 5 Casino Payment Methods Pros and Cons

Below are the top 5 casino payment methods and their pros and cons.


Pros IconPros
  • All Bitcoin transactions are anonymous
  • Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly
  • Little to no fees for Bitcoin transactions
  • Bitcoin does not attract any taxes
  • Arab players can easily access Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin transactions are highly secure
Cons IconCons
  • The value of Bitcoin is not stable
  • Bitcoin transactions are untraceable and irreversible


Pros IconPros
  • Payments made with Ethereum are instant
  • You do not pay tax for owning and using Ethereum
  • Ethereum has enhanced security levels
  • Deposits and withdrawals in Ethereum are anonymous
  • Ethereum is easy to purchase, store, and use
  • Ethereum transaction fees are low
Cons IconCons
  • You cannot trace or reverse Ethereum transactions
  • The price of Ethereum is volatile


Pros IconPros
  • PayPal does not show the online casino your banking information
  • PayPal is a safe method for gambling deposits and withdrawals
  • You can use PayPal on your web browser or download the mobile app
  • PayPal is fast and convenient to use
Cons IconCons
  • PayPal charges transaction and conversion fees
  • Not a lot of online casinos accept PayPal


Pros IconPros
  • Deposits and withdrawals with Neteller are fast
  • Most online casinos accept payments via Neteller
  • Neteller has a virtual card that you can use for transactions
  • Neteller protects users with the best security measures
  • Mobile users can download and use the Neteller mobile app
Cons IconCons
  • Players pay extra fees when converting currencies
  • Neteller has transaction limits
  • Neteller is unavailable in some Arab countries


Pros IconPros
  • Skrill is widely accepted by online gambling sites
  • Skrill protects users with reliable security protocols
  • The Skrill mobile app is convenient for players
  • Skrill rewards users with an exciting VIP program
  • Skrill payments are fast
  • The customer service at Skrill is great
Cons IconCons
  • Skrill has deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Skrill’s transaction fees are higher than some other payment methods

How To Choose The Best Online Casino Payment Methods For Arab Players

To choose the best online casino payment methods for Arab players, you need to consider the payment method's reputation, safety, anonymity, and KYC verification. We will explain each factor below so you can select a casino payment method effectively.

  • Research about the payment method’s reputation:
    A great way to choose the best online casino payment methods is to check reviews from players who have used the payment method for a transaction. You can research review sites to discover the public reputation of a payment method for online casinos.
    Using the information you find about a payment method, you can determine whether it is good enough for you to use.

  • Ensure that the payment method is safe:
    Confirming that a payment method uses encryption protocols, fraud detection tools, and secure payment gateways for transactions is important. You can deposit and withdraw without risk if a payment method is adequately secure.
    It is dangerous to transact using an unsafe payment method because you can lose money to hackers or fraudsters.

  • Check for KYC verification:
    Online casinos use KYC (Know Your Customer) verification to certify that a player who uses the casino is a real person. KYC verification is important because it helps prevent money laundering at online casinos and maintains a safety-compliant gambling environment.
    Before you withdraw money from an online casino, the site will typically require that you complete the KYC verification. This process involves submitting your identification documents to confirm your age and identity and verify that the funds belong to you.

  • Confirm that the payment method is anonymous:
    This step is crucial for Arab players in countries where the authorities strictly enforce anti-gambling laws. An anonymous payment method lets you transact with an online casino while staying hidden from the authorities.
    Cryptocurrencies offer the highest level of anonymity for Arab players, followed by e-wallets.

  • Check for your local currency:
    Before choosing a payment method, check whether the vendor accepts payment in your local currency. Gambling platforms accept notable Arab currencies like the Kuwaiti Dinar, UAE Dirham, Egyptian Pound, and Bahrain Dinar.
    Another option is to convert funds from your currency to a currency that the casino accepts. Players usually pay a conversion fee when changing currencies - a small percentage of the money you convert.

How To Make A Deposit At Online Casinos

The steps below show how to deposit money for online gambling at an online casino.

  1. Find a legitimate online casino that accepts Arab players and create an account with the casino.

  2. Go to your profile and enter the Cashier section.

  3. Pick a deposit method and write the amount that you want to deposit.

  4. Follow the deposit prompts. This requires entering your email or card details or copying the wallet address.

  5. When your deposit is available in your casino account, claim your welcome bonus and start playing.

How To Make A Withdrawal From Online Casinos

Discover how to withdraw your winnings from online casinos with the simple steps below.

  1. On the casino website, go to the Cashier section in your profile.

  2. Select a withdrawal method and enter your withdrawal amount.

  3. Connect with your withdrawal account. This requires writing your email or wallet details.

  4. Complete the withdrawal and wait for the amount to appear in your account.

How long does it take for deposits and withdrawals to process?

The time for deposits and withdrawals depends on the casino and payment method. Cryptocurrency, credit/debit card, and e-wallet deposits are instant. Credit/debit card and bank transfer withdrawals can take up to 5 business days, depending on the casino’s verification process.

What is a KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process that online casinos use to verify a player's identity during registration or when processing withdrawals. KYC verification is necessary to fight against money laundering and other financial crimes.

Do online casinos accept Arab currencies?

Yes, some online casinos accept Arab currencies, including Egyptian Pounds, UAE Dirhams, and Kuwaiti Dinars. If a casino does not accept your local Arab currency, you can convert your funds to an accepted currency to complete your deposit.

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