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Rakeback Online Casino Bonus for Arab Players 2024

A rakeback bonus is an incredible offer that allows you to earn money whether you win or lose bets in poker games at online casinos.

We have put together great tips on getting a rakeback bonus and a list of the best online casinos for Arab players to find rakeback bonuses in 2024.

We will show you the terms and conditions that guide the use of rakeback bonuses so you can make the most out of a rakeback bonus.

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All the best rakeback casinos on our list have top-quality features that make them better than their competitors. The most important factors that we consider when rating online casinos are the:

  1. License of the casino

  2. Security level of the casino’s website

  3. Availability of a mobile app

  4. Casino’s compliance with game fairness

  5. Bonuses and promotions

  6. Variety of games at the casino

  7. Customer support

  8. Quality of payment methods

What is a Rakeback Online Casino Bonus?

A rakeback online casino bonus is a promotional offer that returns a portion of the rake that a casino takes from players during poker casino games. The rake refers to a small percentage of a player’s bet that is collected by online casino sites as a way of generating revenue for casinos.

The rake from a poker game serves as the commission that a casino receives from players, and it typically ranges from 5% to 10%. When a player receives a rakeback poker bonus offer from a casino, the casino will refund part of the rake that the casino gets from the player.

The rakeback percentage that a player gets depends on factors like a player’s loyalty level and the size of a player’s bets. The value of a rakeback offer can start at 10% and get as high as 70%.

How Does Rakeback Bonus Work?

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how a rakeback bonus works:

  • Paying the rake:

When a player goes to a casino’s game lobby and places bets on available poker casino games, the casino will take a percentage of the player’s bets, known as the rake.

The purpose of the rake is to raise revenue for the casino and the usual value of the rake is between 5% and 10%.

  • Receiving the bonus:

When a player receives a rakeback offer from a casino, the casino will refund a percentage of the rake collected from the player. Depending on the casino, players will receive a rakeback bonus at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.

The calculation for rakeback varies by rakeback type. The three main types of rakeback are Contributed, Dealt, and Shared rakeback.

  • Using the bonus:

After you receive bonus credits from a rakeback offer, some casinos require that you play casino games with the bonus and complete the wagering requirements. If there are no wagering requirements, you can go ahead to process the bonus withdrawal.

An example of how a rakeback bonus works is shown below:

  • A player bets on poker games with a 10% rake.

  • The player spends $500 over several betting rounds and the rake accumulates to $50.

  • The player receives a rakeback offer of 30% from the casino which is $15.

  • The casino will refund $15 which the player can withdraw or use to play games to fulfill the wagering requirements.

How to Get a Rakeback Bonus?

To get a rakeback bonus, follow the steps explained below.

  • Find a suitable online casino:

When selecting an online casino with rakeback offers, you need to choose a site that has a license from a well-known gambling body and a secure site. Other factors that your chosen casino needs to have are fair casino games and secure payment methods.

  • Signup with the casino:

After choosing a casino, you need to register with the casino as a new member by submitting information like your name, address, email, and phone number. The casino will typically send you a confirmation code to confirm your email and phone number.

  • Go through the bonus terms:

Look out for the terms and conditions attached to the rakeback bonus by the casino. Understand the wagering requirements and other limits or restrictions related to the bonus so you can know how best to claim and use the bonus.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Rakeback Bonus?

The terms and conditions for rakeback bonuses are guidelines that determine how players can claim and use rakeback bonuses. The common terms and conditions include wagering requirements, time limits, game restrictions, withdrawal limits, and rollover requirements.

What Are Wagering Requirements For Rakeback Bonuses?

Wagering requirements for rakeback bonuses are the conditions that show players how to make use of a rakeback bonus after claiming it. Before you can withdraw a bonus, players need to wager it on eligible games according to some guidelines, which are the wagering requirements.

The presence of wagering requirements does not apply to all rakeback bonuses, as some casinos simply allow cash withdrawal without wagering the bonus.

Learn how wagering requirements for rakeback bonuses are calculated from the example below:

  • A player receives a $50 rakeback bonus that has a 5x wagering requirement.

  • The player needs to wager up to $250 (5 x $50) before withdrawing winnings.

When redeeming the wagering requirements of a bonus, note that different games have varying contribution rates. For instance, most casinos assign a 100% contribution rate to Slots games while other game categories tend to have lower contribution rates.

How Long Is The Time Limit?

Online casinos place time limits on rakeback bonuses, restricting the timeframe during which you need to claim and use the bonus. Another time limit placed by casinos is the duration permitted to fulfill the wagering requirements.

The common time limits for using rakeback bonuses are between a few days to a week. It is essential for players to take note of rakeback bonus time limits and to use the bonus before the time limit is exceeded to avoid forfeiting the bonus.

What Are Game Restrictions?

When playing casino games with rakeback bonuses, online casinos prevent players from claiming and using the bonus with certain restricted games. Game restrictions exist because some types of games give an unfair advantage to players when used with a bonus.

How Does Withdrawal Limit Work?

The withdrawal limits of rakeback bonuses refer to the maximum amount of money that you can withdraw after wagering and winning games with a rakeback bonus. Casinos specify the maximum amount that you can withdraw from a bonus on the terms and conditions page.

Another limit that casinos place on rakeback bonuses is a winnings limit, which is the maximum amount that players can win from a bet when playing games with a rakeback bonus.

What Are Rollover Requirements?

The rollover requirements of rakeback bonuses refer to the number of times that the bonus must be played through by a player before the player can withdraw bonus winnings. Rollover requirements are among the wagering requirements that dictate how to use a rakeback bonus.

Here’s an example of how to calculate rollover requirements:

  • A player receives a $50 rakeback bonus from a casino.

  • The rakeback bonus has a 5x rollover requirement.

  • The player needs to wager the bonus 5 times, resulting in winnings worth $250.

Types of Rakeback Bonus

There are three main types of rakeback bonuses - contributed rakeback, dealt rakeback, and shared rakeback. We categorize the types of rakeback by how players contribute to the rake and the calculation of the rakeback bonus for each player.

Contributed Rakeback Bonus

The calculation of a contributed rakeback bonus depends only on the amount that a player contributes to the pot during a game of poker. 

Dealt Rakeback Bonus

For dealt rakeback, the bonus amount is calculated by splitting the rake among the players at the poker table. Even if a player folds when playing poker, they can still get a bonus from a dealt rakeback offer as long as they are dealt a hand.

Shared Rakeback

Shared rakeback is also called progressive rakeback and it also involves sharing the rake among the players at the poker table. The difference with shared rakeback is that a player needs to put money in the pot, meaning you will lose out on the bonus if you fold.

Pros and Cons of Rakeback Bonus

The table below contains some of the most notable pros and cons of rakeback bonuses.

Pros and Cons

Pros IconPros
  • A rakeback bonus can provide you with extra funds even if you lose a bet
  • The extra credit from a rakeback bonus allows you to play more and increase your chances of winning
  • A rakeback bonus helps players save money by reducing the need to deposit more often
Cons IconCons
  • Rakeback bonuses are not available at all online poker games

Can I win real money with rakeback?

Yes, you can win real money with rakeback by playing online poker at reputable online casinos that are known for having great rakeback bonus offers.

Do all online casinos offer rakeback?

Not all online casinos offer rakeback, as it is not as common as many other bonus types. You can find rakeback offers at great online casinos like Stake Casino, Haz Casino, and 888 Casino.

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