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Cashback Online Casino Bonus for Arab Players 2024

A cashback bonus allows you to regain part of the money you lose when gambling online, making it one of the most popular bonuses available today.

The text below will explore how a cashback bonus works and the different types of cashback bonuses at online casinos.

By the end of our guide, Arab players will be able to identify and claim the best cashback bonus offers in 2024 at top online casinos.

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What Are The Best Online Casinos That Offer Cashback Bonus?

9 of the best online casinos that offer cashback bonuses are:

  1. AxeCasino

  2. MrPlay Casino

  3. Lucky Dreams Casino

  4. Rabona Casino

  5. Betandyou Casino

  6. Nomini Casino

  7. BC.Game Casino

  8. Haz Casino

  9. Betwinner Casino

When compiling the list of the best cashback bonus casinos above, we examined each casino’s features, ensuring that they all had the 8 important features listed below:

  1. A valid license

  2. A secure, encrypted website

  3. A mobile app

  4. Compliance with gambling fairness standards

  5. Responsive customer support

  6. A wide variety of games

  7. Rewarding bonuses and promotions

  8. Fast, safe payment methods

What Is A Cashback Bonus?

A cashback bonus is a promotional offer through which a casino gives players back a percentage of the money they lose to casino games on the casino’s site. The purpose of a cashback bonus is to offer relief to players by reducing the effect of losses when gambling online.

For instance, assume that a player bets on a casino’s games and loses $100 in total. If the player gets a 5% cashback offer from the casino, then the player will receive a $5 cashback bonus from the casino.

How Does Cashback Work?

Cashback works by crediting you with a portion of your losses while betting on games at a casino. A cashback offer is different from a welcome bonus or a reload bonus because the cashback bonus does not directly depend on your deposit but on your losses.

The details of a cashback offer vary by casino but casinos typically specify the percentage of your losses that will be covered by the offer. One thing to note about cashback bonuses is that the offer only covers bets made within a given time frame.

Another common feature of cashback is that casinos tend to limit the games that you will receive a refund for as well as the maximum amount that you can earn from cashback. The value of cashback offers typically ranges from 5% to 20%.

How To Get The Best Cashback Bonus?

Here’s a detailed guide on how to get the best cashback bonus:

Select casino

Find an online casino that offers cashback bonuses. Make sure that your preferred casino has a verifiable license from a reputable gambling authority, a secure site with SSL encryption, reliable payment methods, and casino games with fair outcomes.

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Join the casino

Register a new account with the casino using your personal details. Online casinos typically request your name, phone number, and email address, among other details. The casino will likely send messages to confirm your email and phone number.

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Check the terms of the bonus

Visit the terms and conditions section of the cashback bonus available at the casino. Carefully study the terms and conditions so you can learn the requirements for you to claim the cashback bonus.

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What Are The Terms And Conditions For Cashback Bonus?

The terms and conditions for cashback bonuses include wagering requirements, time limits, game restrictions, withdrawal limits, and rollover requirements. Each of these terms and conditions are explained below.

What Are Wagering Requirements For Cashback Bonuses?

Wagering requirements for cashback bonuses refer to the conditions that players need to redeem after getting a cashback bonus. After players claim a cashback bonus, the wagering requirements dictate how the player can use the bonus to play games at the casino.

Here’s an example of how wagering requirements are calculated:

  • A player receives a $100 cashback bonus with a 5x wagering requirement.

  • The player needs to wager $500 (5 x $100) to withdraw the winnings.

Another aspect of wagering requirements is the contribution rate for eligible games in the casino’s lobby. Casino games contribute differently fulfilling wagering requirements before cash withdrawal becomes available.

Note that a lot of casinos do not attach wagering requirements to cashback bonuses, but rather, they credit players directly.

Below, we have 2 examples of wagering requirements for cashback bonuses at online casinos.

  1. Nomini Casino Weekly Cashback (15% up to €3,000):

Nomini Casino has a weekly cashback offer for VIP players, ranging from 5% to 15%, up to €3,000. The cashback offer is not valid for Live Casino games, Sports, and Virtual Sports.

The weekly cashback offer at Nomini Casino has a 1x wagering requirement. The contribution rates for different game categories are:

  • Slots - 100%

  • Table and Card Games - 10%

  • Video Poker - 10%

  • Plinko - 10%

  1. Fortune Jack Casino Loyalty Monthly Cashback:

Fortune Jack Casino has a monthly cashback offer to reward player loyalty. The value of the cashback offer ranges from 3% to 10% depending on the player’s loyalty level.

Fortune Jack’s cashback offer does not have wagering requirements, as the cashback amount is sent directly to a player’s account.

How Long Is The Time Limit?

A cashback bonus often comes with a time limit during which you need to claim and use the bonus. Online casinos also assign a time duration permitted for meeting the wagering requirements attached to the cashback bonus.

The common time limits for using a cashback bonus range from a few days to a week, but some bonuses can have longer time limits. It is important for players to use a bonus within the specified time frame to avoid forfeiting the bonus. 

What Are Game Restrictions?

Cashback bonuses do not apply to some restricted games as specified by the casino. The types of games that commonly face game restrictions are live games and some table games.

How Does Withdrawal Limit Work?

Withdrawal limits restrict the amount of money you can withdraw from a casino. If your cashback bonus exceeds the withdrawal limit, you will have to withdraw the money in batches. Casinos have a winnings limit that restricts how much a player can win from a game.

What Are Rollover Requirements?

Rollover requirements refer to the number of times that you need to play through a bonus before you can withdraw bonus winnings. Rollover requirements are part of the wagering requirements attached to cashback bonuses.

You can calculate rollover requirements by multiplying the bonus amount with the multiplier. For example, if you have a $200 cashback bonus with a 4x rollover requirement, you need to play through the cashback bonus 4 times to give you winnings of $800.

Types of Cashback Bonuses

Common types of cashback bonuses are monthly cashback bonuses, progressive cashback bonuses, live casino cashback bonuses, and converted rebates.

Monthly Cashback Bonus

The monthly cashback bonus covers a percentage of a player’s losses over a one-month period and it is ideal for consistent players.

Short-Term Promotion Cashback

Short-term promotion cashback offers refunds for a part of a player’s losses for a short period, such as daily or weekly intervals.

On All Losses

On All Losses cashback offers a partial refund on all losses regardless of the game you play. This bonus type is not very common as most cashback offers only apply to specific games.

Cashback on Specific Games

Online casinos often offer cashback bonuses that are only eligible for specific games available in the casino’s lobby. This type of cashback offer will not cover losses in games that do not belong in the specified games category.

Cashback on Deposits

This type of cashback returns a part of your deposit amount regardless of how much you lose when playing games.

Provider Cashback

Provider cashback is only valid for specific software providers at the casino.

Converted Rebates

Converted rebates allow you to convert the cashback amount into other prizes so you can benefit from the bonus in other ways apart from regular cash. Converted rebates give you options such as cryptocurrency, free spins, and lottery tickets.

Progressive Cashback Bonuses

Progressive cashback bonuses are part of promotions where a player’s cashback percentage increases as their ranking in the promotion gets higher.

Live Casino Cashback Offers

Some online casinos offer cashback bonuses that are only valid for live casino games.

Pros and Cons of A Cashback Bonus

The pros and cons of cashback bonuses are highlighted in the table below.

Cashback bonuses reduce the impact of losing betsYou need to lose money first before you can receive a cashback offer
A cashback bonus is a great tool for rewarding player loyaltyCashback bonuses often have limits on withdrawals and eligible games.
Cashback bonuses typically have little or no wagering requirementsNot all casinos offer cashback bonuses
Players have access to extra funds for playing games

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I win real money with cashback?

Yes, you can win real money with cashback by playing at the best online casinos that offer cashback bonuses.

Do all online casinos offer cashback?

No, not all online casinos offer cashback bonuses, but you can find great cashback offers at top casinos like Rabona, Betandyou, and MrPlay.

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