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Best Bookmakers In Saudi Arabia 2024

saudi arabia betting sites

Playing bets online now is easy and accessible to everyone with a mobile device and Internet connection.


If you're in Saudi Arabia and you're wondering how you can be a recipient of these advantages of betting, this article will explicitly tell you what to you need to know.

How to bet safely, what are the key factors to consider before you choose a bookmaker, and recommending payment methods for betting in Saudi Arabia.

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Numa Jabara
Numa Jabara
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Best Betting Sites in Saudi Arabia in 2024

With the benefits and advantages that come with online betting, there's no doubt that it has come to stay and it's no surprise almost everyone is joining the bandwagon.  

Top 3 Betting Sites In Saudi Arabian in 2024

In recent times, there have been regulatory bodies for bookmakers that guide them and ensure that you, the player, are in safe hands. Here are the top bookmakers for Saudi Arabian betting fans.

Our most favoured Saudi Arabian bookmaker for January 2024. is Betwinner. Betwinner is the top choice with its extensive selection of sports, user-friendly interface, offering various first-time deposit promotions and rewards its customers with profitable bonuses.  

How online bookmakers in Saudi Arabia are rated?

Nowadays, the online space is full of people with ill intentions that just want to scam unsuspecting people and defraud them of their money. One of the ways they do this is through the creation of bookmaker sites. So, in order not to fall victim to any of their ploys by using a betting website, there are factors we considered and this is what we used to rate online bookmakers in Saudi Arabia. Those factors include;

Licensed and Regulated sites 

As aforementioned,  online betting has grown and now there are licensing and regulatory bodies like the UK Gambling Commission and any credible online bookmaker who needs to have a license before they can be allowed to operate. 

So, it is important to only use bookmakers that are licensed so as not to fall victim to online scams that might be posing as a bookmaker. 


Apart from having a license, how secure a website is is also another factor that is considered before an online bookmaker can be rated as good or otherwise. 

A good bookmaker must have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This assures the players of their safety and guarantees them that no access whatsoever will be given to a third party. 

Payment Option

A bookmaker will have more than one payment method before it can be rated or considered reputable. Having various methods would give players the liberty of choice to choose whichever is convenient and best for them and this is why it's one of the things to consider before rating a bookmaker. 

Customer Support 

While on a bookmaker website, there are chances players would need guidance in navigating some features on the site or questions on how to withdraw and deposit.  So, a good bookmaker would have 24/7 customer support that would be available to players to answer whatever questions they might have. This could be through live chat, emails, or even phone calls. 

Public Reviews

Public reviews from people who have used a betting website, detailing the pros and cons of it are one of the ways by which these betting platforms are rated. People love to talk about the good part of using a service and if the experience is otherwise, best believe they won't keep mum about it.

Betting Options

No two people can be lovers of the same sport and as much as football is a universally loved sport, there are other sports players would love to bet on. A good bookmaker knows this and that is why they have betting options to accommodate players of varying interests. 

saudi arabia betting sites

Is online betting allowed in Saudi Arabia?

Online gambling in Saudi Arabia are frawed upon which happens to be a Muslim country according to their holy book, Quran, they believe gambling is satanic, it's a sin and it is a bad means of acquiring wealth. 

Therefore, online betting is not allowed in Saudi Arabia. You won't even find casinos and betting shops in the country. It is considered illegal in fact and although there has not been any reported case of a Saudi Arabian being punished for gambling, bettors in Saudi Arabia still need to make use of a VPN and discrete payment methods to use these betting websites. 

How to join online bookmakers in Saudi Arabia

Thank God for technology which has made joining online bookmakers so easy for anyone with access to a mobile device and an Internet connection.  To join an online bookmaker in Saudi Arabia, all you need to do is follow the steps listed below; 

  • The first thing you need to do is choose a good online bookmaker. To make it easy, you can make your choice from our list of recommended bookmakers

  • Secondly,  go to your app or play store to download a VPN in case you don't have one to make your activity untraceable to you.

  • Next, go to the website and click the 'Sign up' button. Next, you'll see the registration page where some personal details would be requested to create your account. Do that and then verify with the link sent to your mail or mobile number.

  • If you want to start betting immediately, you will need to sign in and make a deposit. To do this, go to the 'cashier' section and select the payment method of your choice. 

  • After your deposit, you're all set to place your first bet. Just go to the sportsbook section on the website, choose your market, ,,, and your bet slips to place your bet.

Available languages on Saudi Arabian betting sites

One of the things to consider while choosing a bookmaker to bet on is the available language options. Most bookmakers fault language is English and this means someone whose first language is not English would have a hard time navigating the betting site. 

So for inclusivity, bookmakers now have more than one language, and here are the languages available on Saudi Arabian betting sites


Along with 24 other countries, Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia and to make sure no bettor is unable to bet due to language restriction, betting platforms now have Arabic as a language so for any player who prefers Arabic to English language, just pick any one out of our recommend betting platforms to bet in your official language.  


Even though Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia, English is widely spoken in the country as it is used in businesses and a compulsory second language in schools. For bettors who feel more comfortable with the English language and would prefer it to their country's official language, the option is always available for you on our recommended list of betting platforms. 

Other Languages 

Some betting sites also have other languages available on their website. Languages such as Spanish, Italian, and German. So in case you're fluent in other languages apart from Arabic or English and you'd like to bet using such language, you're more than welcome. 

How to protect yourself while betting online in Saudi Arabia

As you already know, betting online in Saudi Arabia is illegal and even their law is against it. So, to protect yourself while betting online in Saudi Arabia, here are things you need to do.

Choose a licensed bookmaker

Choosing a licensed bookmaker is to prevent you from falling into the wrong hands of online scammers. To save yourself the stress of looking for a licensed bookmaker, you can make your pick from our list of reputable bookmakers. 

Use of VPNs

Using VPN is a guaranteed way to make sure your online activities on any of these bookmakers'' websites are not traceable to you. VPN works with the settings of your device's operating system to make sure you're anonymous while you're on these betting sites. 

Even though most of these VPNs are not free, you can get a free trial for a month and after that, you'd have to pay a monthly fee to keep using the service. 

Protect your Personal Information 

Do not give out your personal information or input your credit card details on any website unless you're sure it's secured. Fraudsters are out there using betting platforms as bait to scam unsuspecting players. This is why you should only use bookmakers that are licensed. You can just make your pick out of our recommended list of bookmakers 

Use Discrete Payment Methods

When on betting sites, you want to make sure your activities are not traceable to you and that's why you have to make use of a discrete method of payment.  Using your debit/credit card will make you stand the risk of your activities being traded to you. For anonymity,  the only guaranteed means of payment are cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and litecoin. With this, you're not only guaranteed anonymity but speed too. Transactions like deposits and withdraw are secured and fast. 

Set Betting Limits

As much as betting has its advantages,  it can also ruin you if you do not have a particular amount that you have set aside for it. When you bet without discipline or limit, you stand the risk of just putting every money you have into betting because of how addicting it can be. 

Be wary of scams

Be careful with your information and don't just give it out by clicking links attached to unsolicited emails or text messages offering betting tips. It can be a trick from a scammer wanting to scam you of your money

Credit cards

This is the most accepted and constantly available method of payment on betting platforms. When you're ready to deposit funds into your betting account, all you need to do is input your card details and the amount you have selected will be deducted from your account.


Digital or E-wallets like PayPal, skrill, and NETELLER are also available payment methods on betting platforms. You can use this instead of your credit cards as they support different currencies. 

Bank Transfers

This is another popular way to make payments on betting websites. You can simply make a transfer from your bank account to the given account number on the betting platform. 


Paying with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and litecoin is now a normal and acceptable way of making payment on betting sites. This could be because the technology Cryptocurrency is based on makes it difficult for fraudulent activities like cheating players or scamming them of their money. 

These are some of the popular and available payment methods on betting websites. However, due to the law of the country which doesn't condone gambling, it is important to take extra care while betting online and this is why you'd want to use a discrete payment method. 

Bank transfers and credit cards are not discrete because they are linked to your name and personal details and even though e-wallets like skrill and NETELLER accept Saudi Arabian users, it is not advised to use them because they restrict gambling transactions. 

As a result, the only recommended payment method is cryptocurrency

Can I Use The Saudi Riyal To Bet Online?

As much as foreign online bookmakers accept players from various countries, they don't accept payments made in certain currencies on their platform. Probably because gambling is considered illegal in countries such as Saudi Arabia. 

As a result, the Saudi Riyal is not an acceptable currency online. However, this doesn't deter you from playing. You can select any of the currencies like the American Dollar (USD) or the UK pound (GBP) whenever you want to deposit in your account and the equivalent of whatever amount in Riyal your transfer will be converted to whichever currency you select. 

Other Forms of Sports in Saudi Arabia

Football (soccer)






Fitness and Healthy Lifestyles

Camel Racing and Horse Racing

Extreme sports

Football (Soccer)

Football is undoubtedly one of the most popular countries in the world and one of the most widely known sports in Saudi Arabia. It is played and watched by millions of people across the country. The Saudi Arabian Football Federation is the governing body of football in the country, and the national team has achieved notable success, including qualifying for five FIFA World Cups.


Basketball is another popular sport in Saudi Arabia, with a significant following among youth and adults alike. The Saudi Arabian Basketball Federation oversees the sport in the country, and there are numerous leagues and tournaments at the professional, college, and amateur levels.


Volleyball is also a popular sport in Saudi Arabia, particularly among women. The Saudi Arabian Volleyball Federation is responsible for organizing competitions and events, and the national teams have participated in international tournaments and championships.


Handball is a fast-paced, indoor sport that is played by teams of seven players. It is also popular in Saudi Arabia, with the Saudi Arabian Handball Federation overseeing the sport in the country.


Tennis is a popular individual sport in Saudi Arabia, with several international tournaments taking place in the country, including the Saudi International Tennis Championships.


Motorsports, particularly car racing, is a popular sport in Saudi Arabia. The country hosts the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which is part of the Formula One World Championship, as well as several other motorsport events.

Fitness and Healthy Lifestyles

In recent years, the government of Saudi Arabia has been promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles, which has led to an increased interest in activities such as running, cycling, and swimming. Many parks and public spaces now offer facilities for these activities, and there are numerous fitness clubs and gyms throughout the country.

Horse Racing and Camel Racing

Horse racing and camel racing are traditional sports in Saudi Arabia, and they attract large crowds and significant betting activity. The King Abdulaziz Racetrack in Riyadh is the premier horse racing venue in the country, and the Saudi Cup is one of the richest horse races in the world. Camel racing is also popular, particularly in rural areas, and many festivals and competitions are held throughout the year.

Extreme Sports

There is a growing interest in extreme sports in Saudi Arabia, especially among younger generations. Activities such as rock climbing, skydiving, and surfing are becoming more popular, and several facilities and organizations offer training and events for these sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet in Saudi Arabia?

No, betting and other forms of gambling are seen as illegal in Saudi Arabia. However, for anyone living in Saudi Arabia that would like to bet, such a person can make use of online foreign bookmakers and make sure to choose reputable betting sites, use VPN, and make use of discrete payment methods to be anonymous on the website.

Is the Saudi Riyal accepted on betting sites?

The official currency of the country which is Saudi Riyal is not accepted on betting sites. It's not even listed as part of the acceptable currencies. You'd mostly see the American Dollar(USD) and EURO(EUR). You can select USD.

Are there mobile betting apps in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, these foreign bookmakers also have mobile apps which are available for download on both Android and IOS devices.

What is the best payment method for betting online in Saudi Arabia?

Using cards issued by banks in Saudi Arabia is not recommended and even though systems like NETELLER and skrill accept Saudi Arabian customers, they also restrict gambling activities which leaves us with the option of cryptocurrencies. They are fast, secure, and safe. 

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